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    1. Avoid the use of spectral schemes to represent sequential data because the spectral order of visible light carries no inherent magnitude message. Readers do not automatically perceive violet as greater than red even though the two colors occupy opposite ends of the color spectrum. Rainbow color schemes are therefore not appropriate if the data to be mapped or graphed represent a distribution of values ranging from low to high
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    1. illian Murphy, star of the new horror sequel A Quiet Place Part II, is something to behold: X-ray eyes at once penetrating and ethereally blue, cheekbones so pronounced you could stretch out and go to sleep on them.

      Many features begin with some 'colour' to set the scene of the interview, such as some details about the room where it is taking place, the appearance of the interviewee, or the obstacles that they've overcome to make it happen. Even in this interview - which takes place via video call - the writer starts with that colour. Note that he also establishes a news hook to the piece - "star of the new horror sequel A Quiet Place Part II" - which justifies the newsworthiness of this interview (a new movie)

  9. Dec 2020
    1. occupy the fill scale with a slightly darker version of the palette used for color.

      Using colorspace package.

      geom_boxplot(aes(color = season, fill = after_scale(desaturate(lighten(color, .6), .6))), size = 1)

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