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  1. Apr 2018
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    1. playing video games and eating.

      How many game's do you play in a day and how much food you eat while playing the game?

    2. Outside of school I like to play sports such as basketball and baseball

      BIG FACTS!!!

    3. am a very goofy yet generous person


    4. when I crashed my car. I didn’t get hurt bad but there were minor injuries

      How did you feel?

    5. I love science – it’s one of my best subjects – but I hate math.

      I AGREE

    6. My attitude was horrible and the way I treated people was very unfair.

      I agree because I use to have a horrible attitude

    1. The way I respond, the way I work.

      I agree

    2. I live for everything that is joyous.

      When you say joyous do you mean anything that makes u happy no matter what it maybe or long as your siblings around you are happy?

    3. I laugh and I smile, for the joy I feel, I want others to experience and savor it as much as I do.

      When you said that line do you mean like you want the person to value the moment while it's there because somethings doesn't last for a life time?

    1. One person can lose a loved one One person can become someone they are not

      I agree

    2. Pain to lose someone or something

      Pain is like grief and guilt something that you are willing to accept or deny.

    3. Loyalty can be hard to find…

      I agree ,because many people are damage in some way they may see their self.

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    1. The reason we trust is because of our experiences, who we are as individuals, and how we learned to treat people we have met previously. We learn how to trust by our positive and negative experiences of betrayal and loyalty, and those experiences reshaped our specific expectations for trusting others.

      I agree

    2. three domains of trust: competence, sincerity, and reliability. Competence is asking yourself if one is deserving of your trust because of their skills, experience, knowledge, and proper resources to perform a task. Reliability is the ability to depend on someone to follow through on their word of completing a task on time. Lastly, sincerity is based on a judgement of character and fundamental integrity; it is asking yourself if that person will do the right thing, even if it comes at an expense.

      I agree

    3. Trust is reliance on the integrity, strength, and ability of a person or thing.

      When you say ''integrity and strength ''Do you mean like power over something or over someone?

  4. Mar 2018
    1. shared vision of trust, freedom, accountability and responsibility.

      I agree.

    2. attempt to make students want to succeed

      When you say attempt, Do you mean try or you are going to help them succeed?

    3. Students who fail a class can retake it in the summer

      Do you ever think why the student fail the class or ever think is the student is dealing with a lot pressure?

    4. “As long as you stay up and do your work, we don’t care,”

      when you say,''As long as you stay up and do your work ,we don't care'' Do you want to know if the student understand the work and actually get the time to break it down to help them?

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    1. I have never lived anywhere but the Bronx.

      Would you like to live anywhere outside of the bronx's?

    2. It made me realize that people make other people feel bad.

      When you said it make you realize that people make other people feel bad do you think people really care how many people feel based on there problem they have?

    3. When i was little I was in school and I saw a kid get bullied and I helped him.

      When you saw the kid getting bullied did you look at the kid as if that was your child in the future being bullied?