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  1. Jul 2016
    1. Bar-Zeev believes that Israel’s solutions can help its parched neighbors, too — and in the process, bring together old enemies in common cause.

      you already said that

  2. Jun 2016
    1. find!

      Macintosh is a natural fit to the 'where's waldo?' books. if you do a game per episode he should appear in the background of each!


      i wonder if a neural net could be trained to write fitting headlines?

    3. Anachronistic


    4. Matching

      but the only way a question can be 'wrong' is the arbitrary one of 'did joyce address it?' so it becomes a memory game. (i wonder if any of the watson clones can answer any of the ithaca questions?)

    5. light world/dark world mechanic

      can you take this further but limit it to text only? everybody has a set of guilty memories they've got to confront...?

    6. Japanese dating sim

      i get the vibe, but the courtship is so nonverbal-- maybe that should be the point-- visualise all the ways it might go right or wrong

    7. colossi

      if there's a simulation tool that lets you shrink down and explore a human body, it might be fun. you should be allowed to explore everybody else too though: anatomical zoom (and squirm?!)

    8. karaoke

      maybe force people to hum each of the primary songs? or identifying the instruments. did you see the demo last year that transcribes any soundtrack into rapid piano? an extension to that that could use any instrument might be very relevant http://waxy.org/2015/12/if_drake_was_born_a_piano/index.shtml

    9. lazier

      you want bloom to avoid that strategy though-- something about sneaking?

    10. tutorial

      picturing stephen as (eg) clippy is fun

    11. Dinner Date

      interesting how this overlaps with kidney's vr: http://simulatingulysses.blogspot.com/2016/03/unreal.html

    12. game

      when i compare my simulation ideas, i realise i've totally dropped the game elements... but i just added a 'puzzle games' chapter at the end that may or may not be unrealisable: http://simulatingulysses.blogspot.com/2015/08/puzzle-games.html

  3. Jan 2016
    1. fill_in_your_api_token

      me? here??

    2. payload

      why 'payload'?

    3. general

      i want to let them choose any channels, right?

    4. #signupform

      should i create a special channel for this or should #general work?

    5. fill_in_your_api_token

      and i replaced this but i'm concerned the token isn't reusable as i retry things

    6. phillydev

      so i replaced this

  4. Dec 2015
    1. static site generator

      Do I understand right that Jekyll is a program written in the Ruby language so (eg on Windows) I need to keep Ruby installed and compile the Jekyll code, and run this compiled code each time I want to modify my website, which will exist in two copies, a private one on my machine and a public one on (eg) GitHub?

      PS: I couldn't get this note to post elsewhere: "Is there a blog archive somewhere on literaturegeek.com that lists all posts in reverse order? I see partial ones by topic..."

      PPS: There also seems to be a robust-url problem where annotations to a blog-post don't show up on the full blog.

    1. our favourite tutorials/resources/articles/papers etc

      So once they install hypothes-is they could visit the main feed and see links?

    1. gunrest

      The picture doesn't show the round central 'gunrest' that Joyce implies, though the outer ring might more accurately have been called by that term. Image Description