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    1. Zinc is losing electrons in the reaction and is thus oxidized to the zinc cation, while sulfur is gaining electrons and is thus reduced to the sulfide anion.

      While my instinct is that reduction = less electrons, in reality it's the charge that's being reduced, which means more electrons

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    1. Thanks for the tip, I've added that to my Firefox on Android. However, although hypothesis is always on in Firefox I have the problem that it does not login no matter how many times I log in to the hypothesis website..
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    1. rgattung des Dialogs zum Durchbruch und schuf damit eine Alternative zur Lehrschrift und zur Rhetorik als bekannten Darstellungs- und Überzeugungsmitteln. Dabei bezog er dichterische und mythische Motive sowie handwerkliche Zusammenhäng


    1. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of that — since highlights are text quotes

      注释笔记 1. 一 2. 二 Bold

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    1. Innovativebrandstrategistandholisticvisionarywithmorethan10yearsofsuccessinbringingcreativevisionsto


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    1. Pritchard, E., Matthews, P. C., Stoesser, N., Eyre, D. W., Gethings, O., Vihta, K.-D., Jones, J., House, T., VanSteenHouse, H., Bell, I., Bell, J. I., Newton, J. N., Farrar, J., Diamond, I., Rourke, E., Studley, R., Crook, D., Peto, T. E. A., Walker, A. S., & Pouwels, K. B. (2021). Impact of vaccination on new SARS-CoV-2 infections in the United Kingdom. Nature Medicine, 1–9. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41591-021-01410-w

    1. ReconfigBehSci. (2021, November 26). Parts of Germany seem to have potentially introduced requirements that cannot practically be met as testing capacity is proving insufficient—A dangerous moment for rule compliance Nadelöhr Corona-Tests: “Es ist Wahnsinn” via @sz https://t.co/meLS79RTCw [Tweet]. @SciBeh. https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1464287412289511432

    1. In fact,Descartes argued that the only sure indication that another body possesses ahuman mind, that it is not a mere automaton, is its ability to use language inthe normal way;

      Turing test precursor

      When did Turing pose his test? Year?



    1. Estimation of the Biphasic Property in a Female’s Menstrual Cycle fromCutaneous Temperature Measured During Sleep


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    1. In traditional print media, it's common practice among readers to underline text, highlight sections or write comments in the margins. Such annotations allow readers to express their opinions.


    1. 这个是我最顾虑的点,假如某天数据丢失或者被hack怎么办?


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    1. 7 Software Test Principles

      It is important that you achieve optimal test results with software testing without deviating from the test goal. But how do you determine whether you are following the right test strategy? For this you have to follow a number of basic principles.

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    1. Thomas Edison is one of history's most famous and prolific inventors. His inventions have revolutionized the modern world - from the electricity we use, the communication system, and the entertainment we've enjoyed through his contributions to sound recording and motion-picture cameras. The most famous invention from Edison was his innovation of the lightbulb design and now there is an opportunity to own a piece of history and take it to the metaverse.


    1. Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing Your App

      What are the common pitfalls when choosing a note taking application or platform?

      Own your data

      Prefer note taking systems that don't rely on a company's long term existence. While Evernote or OneNote have been around for a while, there's nothing to say they'll be around forever or even your entire lifetime. That shiny new startup note taking company may not gain traction in the market and exist in two years. If your notes are trapped inside a company's infrastructure and aren't exportable to another location, you're simply dead in the water. Make sure you have a method to be able to export and own the raw data of your notes.

      Test driving many

      and not choosing or sticking with one (or even a few)<br /> Don't get stunned into inaction by the number of choices.

      Shiny object syndrome

      is the situation where people focus all attention on something that is new, current or trendy, yet drop this as soon as something new takes its place.<br /> There will always be new and perhaps interesting note taking applications. Some may look fun and you'll be tempted to try them out and fragment your notes. Don't waste your time unless the benefits are manifestly clear and the pathway to exporting your notes is simple and easy. Otherwise you'll spend all your time importing/exporting and managing your notes and not taking and using them. Paper and pencil has been around for centuries and they work, so at a minimum do this. True innovation in this space is exceedingly rare, and even small affordances like the ability to have [[wikilinks]] and/or bi-directional links may save a few seconds here and there, in the long run these can still be done manually and having a system far exceeds the value of having the best system.

      (Relate this to the same effect in the blogosphere of people switching CMSes and software and never actually writing content on their website. The purpose of the tool is using it and not collecting all the tools as a distraction for not using them. Remember which problem you're attempting to solve.)

      Future needs and whataboutisms

      Surely there will be future innovations in the note taking space or you may find some niche need that your current system doesn't solve. Given the maturity of the space even in a pen and paper world, this will be rare. Don't worry inordinately about the future, imitate what has worked for large numbers of people in the past and move forward from there.

      Others? Probably...

    1. The minute we saw his frantic, hand-lettered presentation of the Field Notes credo — “I’m not writing it down to remember it later, I’m writing it down to remember it now” — we knew just what to do.


      Field Notes, a manufacturer of notebooks, uses the credo "I'm not writing it down to remember it later, I'm writing it down to remember it now." This is an fun restatement of the idea behind the power of the Feynman technique.

      Link to Ahrens' version of this idea.

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    1. The Zettelkasten System is a Superset of the Feynman Technique

      Sönke Ahrens outlines this broad idea of how one practices the Feynman technique for understanding using one's notes in How to Take Smart Notes, but he doesn't use the name Feynman technique. Certainly the idea of writing things down to test one's understanding predated Feynman, does anyone know of historical examples of this pattern/technique prior to Feynman? Does it have other names in the literature?

    1. In this case, for a test to be statistically significant, p-value must be lower than 0.05.

      statistical significance should be less than 5%

      tf your confidence that the results are not due to chance is 95%

    1. We are 99% confident that the true average “attitude” difference betweenliving environments is between 1.32 and 7.88. At a significance level of 0.01we can say that living in a minority environment is associated with higherscore

      99% confident that the true average (result) is between these two numbers;

      at 1% (0.01) significance, we can scientifically assume there is a causal relationship

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      A test note

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    1. A test case is a series of actions that are performed to determine a specific function or functionality of your application. Test scenarios are rather vague and include a wide range of variables. However, testing is all about being very specific. That is why we need elaborate test cases.

      Test cases, examples and Best Practices A test case is a series of actions that are performed to determine a specific function or functionality of your application. Test scenarios are rather vague and include a wide range of variables. However, testing is all about being very specific. That is why we need elaborate test cases.

    1. Dr Ellie Murray, ScD. (2022, January 6). School & university administrators, as you grapple with this week’s decisions, spare some time to think about how to delay next January’s start date to Jan 16 2022. Do you need to extend into summer? Change course lengths? Figure it out because this is going to happen again! [Tweet]. @epiellie. https://twitter.com/epiellie/status/1478921243961274370

    1. Logseq 作为笔记软件走的是和 Obsidian 较为不同的路子,虽然也是本地优先、支持插件,但是整体来说和 Roam Research 更为相似,功能丝毫不比 Roam Research 弱,版本更新较为频繁,BUG 修复也较为迅速。logseq 可以和 Obsidian 加载同一个库,需要注意的是一些语法的污染和 logseq 大纲笔记的形式。

      just test

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    1. Die Zutritts- und Zufahrtskontrolle ist Leistung des AN, ihm obliegt die Organisation, Kontrolle und Dokumentation



    1. 作为一款将 News Feed 作为首页的 App,Instagram 为什么没有“转发”功能?“转发”不是能够加速信息流动,也给好的照片带来更多曝光吗?但这只是短期效果,长期来看,“转发”又会将 Instagram 社区塑造成什么?


    1. This article is for those who want to keep traveling despite restrictions due to covid. Basically giving tips on how to navigate the multiple governmental restrictions and policies including links to airline or country websites for choosing destinations. Because of this trend in travel advice in covid times, we may see attitudes towards travel shift to travel knowing the risks involved (quarantine, masks requirements, etc.) and hence see tourism rise again. Last minute covid holiday packages. What if the trend for remaining home also stayed the same for next five years and the adventure seekers become the avatars for the folks who want to stay at home.

      The crisis is changing the way how people will enjoy their international holiday, with an extra concern on testing and quarantine expenses and risk taking. That may have an impact on the tourism market, asking the airline companies to provide flexible policies /products and may witness the booming of travel insurance market.

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    1. Dr. Thrasher wrote a book! (2022, January 8). My cousin wanted to get tested. She waited in an auto testing line for 6.5 hours, and stayed in it bc she was traveling to bury her Daddy. How many people give up in such long lines? How many cases upwards of a million are we losing bc Biden et all failed on home tests? Https://t.co/Q7WVy5qD4v [Tweet]. @thrasherxy. https://twitter.com/thrasherxy/status/1479826389142491146

    1. Depuis longtemps, je suis d’avis que la rigueur d’un cours ne se mesure pas à la quantité de connaissances dont l’enseignant fait étalage, mais aux apprentissages que les étudiants font.

      Which can lead to an assessment of pedagogical efficacy. It's funny, to me, that those who complain about "grade inflation" (typically admins) rarely entertain the notion that grades could be higher than usual if the course went well. The situation is quite different in "L&D" (Learning and Development, typically for training and professional development in an organizational context). "Oh, great! We were able to get everyone to reach the standard for this competency! Must mean that we've done something right in our Instructional Design!"

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    1. El púlsar binario PSR J0737 como banco de pruebas de la relatividad general Por Francisco R. Villatoro, el 16 diciembre, 2021. Categoría(s): Astronomía • Ciencia • Física • Noticias • Physics • Relatividad • Science ✎ 3

      l púlsar binario PSR J0737 como banco de pruebas de la relatividad general Por Francisco R. Villatoro, el 16 diciembre, 2021. Categoría(s): Astronomía • Ciencia • Física • Noticias • Physics • Relatividad • Science ✎ 3

      Hulse y Taylor recibieron el Premio Nobel de Física en 1993 por su estudio del púlsar binario PSR B1913+16 (el primero que se descubrió en 1974), que observó de forma indirecta la emisión de ondas gravitacionales. Se publica en Physical Review X un análisis similar del púlsar binario PSR J0737−3039A/B, descubierto en 2003. El púlsar binario PSR J0737 es un banco de pruebas único para el estudio de la relatividad general ya que está situado a solo dos mil años luz de la Tierra, ambas estrellas de neutrones se observan como púlsares y su inclinación orbital es muy próxima a 90 °, luego se puede observar cómo el espaciotiempo curvo del plano orbital modifica los pulsos emitidos. Las observaciones durante 16 años de la precesión del periastro siguen la fórmula de la emisión gravitacional cuadripolar de Einstein con un error menor del 0.013 % (el resultado obtenido tras 2.5 años de observaciones tenía un error del 0.05 % y se publicó en 2006 en Science). Sin lugar a dudas un púlsar binario que habrá que seguir durante las próximas décadas para mejorar estas estimaciones.

      Además de probar la fórmula cuadripolar de Einstein, se ha probado el retraso debido al efecto de Shapiro (en un espaciotiempo curvo las señales de radio viajan durante más tiempo y las observamos retrasadas). También se han realizado otras pruebas de la relatividad que hasta ahora no se habían podido realizar con otros púlsares binarios. Por ejemplo, se ha medido la deformación relativista de la órbita (debido al acoplamiento relativista entre el espín (rotación de las estrellas de neutrones) y el momento angular de su órbita). En estas pruebas los resultados tienen mucha mayor incertidumbre, pero en todos los casos son compatibles con las predicciones de la relatividad general de Einstein. Esta teoría, a la que muchos físicos quieren matar cuanto antes, además de muy bella es muy robusta y promete reinar en la física durante muchas décadas.

      El artículo es M. Kramer, I. H. Stairs, …, G. Theureau, «Strong-field Gravity Tests with the Double Pulsar,» Physical Review X 11: 04150 (13 Dec 2021), doi: https://doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevX.11.041050, arXiv:2112.06795[astro-ph.HE] (13 Dec 2021); más información divulgativa en Lijing Shao, «General Relativity Withstands Double Pulsar’s Scrutiny,» Physics 14: 173 (13 Dec 2021) [web].

      Una manera de destacar la excepcionalidad del púlsar binario PSR J0737 es compararlo con el famoso PSR B1913, que ha sido estudiado durante 35 años. Esta figura muestra la precesión del periastro de la órbita; la diferencia en la densidad de puntos entre 0 y −20 es notable. Así se explica que el nuevo resultado para PSR J0737 tras 16 años tenga un error menor del 0.013 %, cuando para PSR B1913 solo se alcanzó el 0.2 %; por cierto, para las fusiones de agujeros negros observadas por LIGO-Virgo el error típico ronda el 20 %. No le he dicho, pero supongo que sabrás que el periastro de una órbita elíptica es el punto donde la distancia entre ambos cuerpos es mínima; se llama perihelio cuando uno de los cuerpos es el Sol y perigeo cuando es la Tierra. El fenómeno que mide esta figura es análogo a la precesión del perihelio de la órbita de Mercurio, que Einstein usó como guía hacia la formulación correcta de su teoría de la gravitación.


      3 Comentarios Mario dice: 17 diciembre, 2021 a las 5:10 pm Francis Hay una frase que no entiendo, favor revisar: «…,luego sus señales se observa cómo el espaciotiempo curvo del plano orbital modificada la señal que observamos». Atte Mario

      RESPONDER Francisco R. Villatoro dice: 17 diciembre, 2021 a las 9:15 pm Gracias, Mario.

      RESPONDER Mario dice: 19 diciembre, 2021 a las 10:07 pm Francis, entiendo que por el efecto shapiro las señales de radio se ven retrasadas; pero para notar tal retraso tiene que haber una referencia. Cuál es esa referencia?

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    1. For the evaluation of thermal stability, each separator was positioned between slide glasses and subjected to certain tensile shear stress. Then, the temperature was raised to 150℃ and 180℃ at 5℃·m−1, and both separators were kept for 12 h at each temperature in order to compare their contraction percentages

      how to test heat shrinkage