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  1. Nov 2021
    1. Where a trade union of employee had entered into a collective agreement with the employer, the terms and conditions of employment are also found in an award of the collective agreement that had been taken cognizance by the court.

      What is the effect if a member in a union violates one of the conditions set out in the collective agreement award that has been taken into consideration by the court?

  2. Oct 2021
    1. the state increased its involvement in the industrialrelations sphere to a considerable extent, moving from controlled pluralismto repression.

      This is to ensure balance in various aspects so that all matters can be arranged and made more smoothly for a country in the field of industry. This balance is still emphasized in carrying out activities in the industrial world

    1. The employee relations’ choices in this instance are predicated on the belief that the forces uniting managers and employees are far stronger than the forces dividing them.

      Agree. because every thing done together will yield better results as a result of negotiation and coupling cooperation from the ideas of various parties to fill the existing shortcomings of our own ideas. Still, will the ideas we give be taken into account by those in high positions in the group?

    1. Perundingan kolektif menggunakan prinsip ‘menang-menang’

      Setiap perundingan yang dibuat hendaklah memberikan keuntungan dan kebaikan terhadap kedua-dua belah pihak bagi mencapai kesepakatan antara dua belah pihak.