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    1. rubbed her temples with lavender–water

      Lavender was used as an essential oil at the time (and even today) that would help to calm one's anxieties, whether through ingestion or scent. When rubbed on the temples, a person could better smell the oils to calm themselves (Lavender, Maria Lis-Balchin, 156).

    2. coquette

      "A woman (more or less young), who uses arts to gain the admiration and affection of men, merely for gratification of vanity or form of desire of conquest and without any intention of responding to the feelings aroused. A flirt" (OED).

    3. post–masters

      "A person with official charge of post. The official at each of the stations or stages of a post-road; primary duty to carry mail to the next state" (OED).

    4. avarice

      "Inordinate desire of acquiring and hoarding wealth; greediness of gain, cupidity" (OED).

    5. caricature

      "Grotesque or ludicrous representation of persons or things by exaggeration of their most characteristic and striking features" (OED).

    6. servile

      "Belonging to the serving class; of low social status; engaged in ‘servile’ or mechanical occupations" (OED).

    7. post–boy

      "A boy who carries and delivers post; a boy or man who rides express. Delivers letters, newspapers, dispatches, etc." (OED).

    8. inquietude

      "Restlessness (of the body) caused by pain, uneasiness, or debility" (OED).

    9. pump–room

      "A room or building where a pump is housed or worked; spec. a place at a spa where the medicinal water is dispensed" (OED).