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  1. Sep 2020
    1. Going through hell and high water to attain something that turns out to be boring, vexatious, or a waste of time creates dissonance:

      very interesting and reminds me of like how the initiation to frat houses and things are very difficult so that it bonds you together

    2. Before long, any ambivalence we might have felt at the time of the original decision will have morphed into certainty.

      this is very dangerous because it doesn't take much for someone to convince themselves of something completely false

    3. cognitive dissonance, the motivational mechanism that underlies the reluctance to admit mistakes or accept scientific findings

      this is very interesting and I didn't know that there was a phrase for people not wanting to admit they were wrong

    1. Happiness felt on the inside, whispered and arrested between ventilator breaths, accompanied by a face without expression, is difficult to understand because it is hard to hear and impossible to see.

      This is very powerful and helping with the idea of how important non verbal communication is, because most times, unless shown, you have no idea how someone is feeling

    2. Writing using assistive technology is usually slower than the pace of conversation. This can result in more than one person communicating simultaneously, which is complicated to follow.

      I think we can all now relate to this a bit, knowing how much zoom slows things down and the difficulties of talking over each other

    3. Communicating with people by using assistive technology is complicated,

      This is very interesting and I wonder how it carries over to zoom technology and if it makes it easier or harder to communicate.

    4. Knowing what is expected allows a person using assistive technology to prepare a conversation starter.

      interesting method of planning ahead and showing how most easy conversation is predictable