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  1. Feb 2020
    1. Reverse engineering a bronze cannon from theLaBelleshipwreck

      The benefit to archaeology, museum curation, and other areas presented by computer modeling and 3D printing cannot be overstated. These technologies allow us to explore artifacts, sites, and more, in ways that we never could before.

    1. Life history strategies and mating strategies

      What about "non-mating strategies?" That is, the decision to never reproduce, and instead dedicate one's resources to other things. The "gay uncle" theory comes to mind here, though I suppose I am taking a psychometric approach here.

    2. Ways forward

      The shift from "review article" to "research proposal" article uses a format that I've been trying to promote for quite some time: the call to research format.

    3. there is littleelse on this list which can be considered part of a life history strategy if ‘life history’ is meant to be anchored in evolutionary biological research

      Isn't altruism, the willingness and ability to sacrifice for kin, the rate of drop-off of willing altruism, etc all directly connected to evolutionary biology?

    4. This ‘evolutionary theory of socialisation’ proposes that children who experience family stresses, including father absence,should experience early puberty, ‘precocious’sexuality and anxiety (in women) or aggression (men),as such a strategy resultsin higher reproductive success in a stressful adult environment where paternal investment was likely to be low, and interpersonal relationships unreliable.

      So would it be reasonable to say that the apparent "dysfunction" is really a mismatch between their childhood environment and adult environment?

    5. cooperativeness is not considered part of a life history strategy in anthropological research, and has been explicitly excluded as being part of a life history strategy in at least some work in biology

      It is interesting. The level of cooperation, and the number of people involved vastly change the calculation of available energy, so at the very least these two ideas are intimately related.

    6. For example, age at puberty is influenced by access to good nutrition in childhood,and is earlier for well nourished individuals

      Wouldn't this observation contradict the idea that high mortality rates lead to fast life history strategies?

    7. The wording in this sentence is a little confusing.

  2. Dec 2018
    1. emiring,

      Why a semiring? Why not a ring or a near-semiring? The cardinals form a semiring, and we usually think of numbers as dealing with quantity or size, not order.

    2. What is a Number?

      This is a very early draft. At the very least, I should include an actual construction of the naturals.

    1. This is an early draft. It needs feedback, editing, and rearranging. The introduction is too short at the moment, so I'll have to make it a bit less lopsided.