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    1. The very curtains of her bed

      In this time, curtains would be hung around four-poster beds in order to help prevent drafts and keep occupants warm (Jane Austen's World, Vic, "Ways to Keep Warm in the Regency Era, Part 2").

    2. habit

      "Bodily apparel or attire; clothing, raiment, dress" (OED). Here, it most likely refers to a riding habit, which was worn by women when riding a horse. The riding habit had also become fashionable to wear while traveling (Jane Austen's World, Vic, "Women’s Riding Outfits in the Early 18th Century").

    3. counterpane

      "The outer covering of a bed, generally more or less ornamental, being woven in a raised pattern, quilted, made of patch-work, etc.; a coverlet, a quilt" (OED).

    4. Alas! It was snuffed and extinguished in one.

      In Jane Austen's time, snuffing a candle meant "to free from the snuff, by pinching or cutting this off, or removing it with a special instrument" (OED). This allowed the candle to burn brighter.

    5. but it was japan, black and yellow japan of the handsomest kind

      Japan was a black varnish imported from Japan that had an exceptional hard finish. Japan could also refer to a piece done in the Japanese style that was "varnished, and adorned with painted or raised figured" (OED).