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  1. Oct 2019
    1. Kenji and Emi and Mr. Carrick

      Not only is this one example of many, but there is a reoccurring pattern on threes in this novel I have noticed. I am going to look into the significants of three in Japanese culture. He also uses this device the most when speaking in first person.

    2. Turn it on like you always do. Be quick and efficient and impatient, which is the way you have always been. Start the water in the tub and scrub the kitchen floor while it is filling up. When the floor is done and the mop wrung out and hung in back to dry, the water is good, just the right depth. Like a clock you are. Not a second wasted.

      Foreshadowing the caos of suicide when the house and floor is flooding. She was the the one to clean it at one point now mama is the one causing the mess.

    3. It had started with the cans, the lining of them on the shelves, hurling them on the floor, brooding, fussing, repacking them in the boxes, and then the whole thing over and over again until hours after Ichiro had gone.

      This seems almost metaphoric for the camps that the Japanese experienced. is this besides the war that is causing madness?

    4. You're killing yourself.” “Maybe I ought to.”

      Both characters show signs of depression and suicidal thoughts. these reoccur occasionally.

    5. I feel like drinking it up,

      Alcoholism could be a theme for the character Kenji. does he drink because of the war or because he is aware he is dying from his leg injury.

    6. Not until the bus had traversed the business district

      this whole paragraph is the description of what his life was as a student. contemplation or whether he made a right decision. this passage still show stylistic repetition to get her thought a-crossed. what is the significance of a slide rule?

    7. over a small span of concrete which is part of the sidewalks which are part of the city which is part of the state and the country and the nation that is America

      Expansion and point of view leading to a bigger picture. showing that counties we create are only as small as concrete.