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  1. May 2017
    1. It is important for any new online program to be economically sustainable (see below), but revenue generation should not be the number one priority.


  2. Mar 2017
    1. Such detailed opinions aren’t half as interesting to Netflix as a binary judgment that allows them to create a personalized experience for their customers.

      This is the key, isn't it: nuance and fuzzy forms of evaluation do not provide them with the digital evaluations they need to feed their algorithms. In a sense, they're a victim of their own success: a smaller company might be able to employ staff to sort through user companies, but never one with as much reach as Netflix.

    1. a distinction between "New Literacies" and "new literacies"

      Yes. The latter are far more flexible.

    1. Using Classroom Salon has changed the listening journal from a few minutes per student task into about 20 minutes per student. Classroom Salon is elevating the task into a more prominent place, even primary, in the course.

      This is a fascinating outcome. Of course I wonder if there isn't a way to overcome this, but assuming there is not, it serves as an example of the ways digital pedagogies are not just "your old pedagogy, only faster" or another such platitude. That does happen too, but often it ends up more like this situation, where the introduction of a new tool fundamentally alters the role of student work/learning in the class.

    2. trying to answer questions—or to even foster questions in the first place

      This strikes me as a crucial point: using this tool allowed you to shift from a traditional, considerably passive learning style (they're still engaging with the text, but alone) to a more potentially active one.

    1. The Classroom Salon is private to each student and me in order to build a safe environment for open, honest critique

      A critical point - it's so helpful that such an option exists in that tool.

    2. Enduring Understandings

      This is a useful concept for metacognition about teaching (and learning). Makes me want to revisit a lot of my classroom exercises.... :)

    3. Images were then posted on Dropbox for students to use in digital stories.

      Are the final digital stories available somewhere publicly to view?

    1. Because they are often written at the introductory level, one possibility for an introductory course may be to find such a suitable text and to have students read it together through annotation.

      I love this idea - it's not unlike what Elena Olive was having her students doing in her Spanish poetry course.

    2. The outcomes were so successful that I would not want to teach the class again without using digital annotation.

      Glad to hear it. :)

    1. Universities are the sanctuary cities of reason. If reason must be subordinate to ideology even there, our experiment in self-government is over.


    2. the current atmosphere on most American campuses

      I'm pretty sure "most" is a vast overstatement in this case. Perhaps "most Ivy League" campuses, or "most R1" campuses, even, but "most"? Questionable.

    1. The public has shown, by a small margin, that they prefer the INTERNATIONAL version.


    2. and walks a good distance

      Is there a "he" missing here?

    1. Andoko

      You will probably also want to make it easier for readers to move from entry to entry, using links or some other organizational tool (like a table of contents).

    2. a photographer was the to capture the moment

      Fun. :) You might keep working on the filter(s) you'll use for these, though: this one really just looks fuzzy. :)

    3. Tuesday morning

      the 25th was a Sunday in 1827, so several days ago?

    4. a city 331 miles south of Jakarta, near the Indian Ocean

      Let the audience figure this kind of thing out (when I Google it, it comes right up.)

  3. Feb 2017
    1. the one and twenty years with him

      Nice archaic-sounding prose. :)

    1. according to one director of photography and visual effects supervisor, the process of digital imaging is ” extremely time-consuming, labor-intensive process as ‘anxiety provoking'”.


    2. Below are pictures from Avatar and Fantastic Beasts

      True, but what is notable about them? Elaborate.

    3. for the cups to be on the street

      Or rather, for the cups to appear as large as they do on the street.

  4. Oct 2016
    1. Digital cinema is aparticular case of animation which uses live action footage as one of its many elements.

      An amazing turn-around on what we might once have thought cinema to be.

  5. Sep 2016
    1. Photography affects us like a phenomenon in nature, like a flower or a snowflake whose vegetable or earthly origins are an inseparable part of their beauty.

      Here's another key point for Bazin: he sees photography as doing something fundamentally different from other arts in its capturing nature, something he feels no other art before it has done.

    2. If the history of the plastic arts is less a matter of their aesthetic than of their psychology then it will be seen to be essentially the story of re-semblance, or, if you will, of realism.

      This is the key move. From psychology - the why of what we do with images - it's a quick step to realism as a motive for the creation of images.

    1. The realism of the cinema follows directly from its photographic nature

      This is really the crux of it for Bazin, that something magical happens in the continuous discrete moments of photography.

    2. the cinema accommodates every form of reality save one — the physical presence of the actor

      "every form" might be a bit of an exaggeration, but then, Gouhier is attacking film on a point he sees as obvious, so maybe he's allowing himself some latitude?

    1. So often we underestimate technologies’ abilities to be autonomous. We think because we control technology, that technology cannot possibly be autonomous. However it is the exact opposite. It’s because we as humans are arrogant. We think that because technology is not human, it is not possible for technology for autonomous.

      Isn't this restating Kelly?

  6. graceauth.wordpress.com graceauth.wordpress.com
    1. a computer 1,000 years ago would have seemed so strange

      For sure! But what does this example add to the discussion of technology having predated humanness?

    2. Some believe

      Who believes this? They should be cited or this comment should be removed.

  7. Apr 2016
    1. an even more fundamental question: what do we expect of student writing?

      An excellent place to begin.

  8. Sep 2015
    1. Interpellation is the notion that we are "hailed" by a text, assumed to be the subject of its communication (and by extension, the creator/deliverer of the text).

    2. Thesis I provides us with an explanation of the relationship between ideology and real (material) existence.