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  1. Jan 2017
    1. The hallway window extends our periphery by creating a two-way channel for clues about the environment. Whether it is motion of other people down the hall (its time for a lunch; the big meeting is starting), or noticing the same person peeking in for the third time while you are on the phone (they really want to see me; I forgot an appointment), the window connects the person inside to the nearby world.
    2. We do not know who invented the concept of glass windows from offices out to hallways. But these inner windows are a beautifully simple design that enhances peripheral reach and locatedness.

      interior windows

    3. Calm technology engages both the center and the periphery of our attention, and in fact moves back and forth between the two.

      peripheral perception, informing without overburdening

  2. Aug 2016
    1. June Callwood once asked her how she acquired “an exquisitely developed conscience.”Dr. Franklin replied: “You tune it like an instrument. You know, when people start singing they develop an ear. They develop their voice. They begin to hear dissonances that they didn’t hear before. You become attuned to having to make responsible and moral decisions. … [In Quakerism] you don’t have a creed, you don’t sign something; the only proof of your faith or lack of faith is how you conduct your life. Consequently it’s like singing. At every point you say, ‘Am I in tune?’”
    1. The quest for putting the essence of Sisu into a definitive form has evidently been around for almost a century

      resists definitive form

    1. There was a culture then, almost a requirement, that one needed to build platforms and contexts (social or political) to support one’s thesis, and then material practice would follow. These issues were pressing, because by this time I had begun to teach at Cooper Union. I was negotiating between promoting a rigorous painting model and a new context—conversations with students and colleagues about contemporary art issues and institutional critique. So it was a very complicated time for me as an educator, to figure out how to insist on a conversation about painting rigor in relation to contemporary art. I continued to go the way that I needed to with my own work, both protecting it from the institutional framework and furthering my ideas about painting in school and in the studio—it was a tough, amazing time.
    1. I dont care. I should care; in another part of my beinglater, perhaps when we emerge from this room full of computersI will care very much why and for whom and for what purpose I am writing software. But just now: no. I have passed through a membrane where the real world and its uses no longer matter.
  3. Mar 2014
    1. Delays that are too short cause overreaction, “chasing your tail,” oscillations amplified by the jumpiness of the response. Delays that are too long cause damped, sustained, or exploding oscillations, depending on how much too long. At the extreme they cause chaos. Overlong delays in a system with a threshold, a danger point, a range past which irreversible damage can occur, cause overshoot and collapse.
    1. He noted that most alumni he has spoken with are proud to have gone to Cooper

      Not I.

    2. She noted the board’s intention to reframe the institution’s mission statement in consultation with faculty, students, staff, and others and said that, for accreditation purposes, The Cooper Union community should consider the skills, value and knowledge it expects students to have upon graduation.

      Accreditation doesn't give a shit about changing the mission to be more like other colleges.

    3. The annual Form 990 will be posted by May 15. The Audit Committee will be looking to include better information about the use of resources for instruction, academic support and public service.

      We're planning to change the way we do accounting to lessen the percentage that is perceived as "administrative" costs.

    4. bridge loan that will be needed to fund the anticipated deficits in the next three fiscal years, while revenues from tuition and the new programs ramp up

      Charging tuition is going to cost money that the college does not have.

    5. Dean Baker will serve as vice president for student affairs and community relations.

      72 year old sports coach at a school where ~100 people engage in sports is now a Vice President.

    6. Given The Cooper Union’s financial situation, however, the president did not want to add a new level of administration with its attendant costs.

      The school has doubled the number of "Vice Presidents" under Bharucha's tenure.

    7. it will be necessary to provide data that demonstrates that The Cooper Union accomplishes the objectives to which it claims to aspire in its mission

      Moving away from holistic ideas like faculty-driven admissions, into an era of using and abusing "10X" figures to prove institutional accomplishments.

    8. the governor’s proposal to provide funding for New York high school graduates interested in studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics to attend college in-state. The governor’s proposal is limited to public colleges and universities, but the group will seek to persuade the legislature to include the independent sector.

      Lobbying for even more public money. Notably, for everyone except the School of Art.

    9. A group including the president, the dean of the engineering school, faculty members from architecture and engineering, and a student will visit Mumbai in furtherance of The Cooper Union’s new relationship with IIT Bombay.

      Notably, everyone except the School of Art.

    10. seeking to engage an independent facilitator

      See also: Occupying students decline mediation as proposed by administration http://cusos.org/post/53843538845/occupying-students-decline-mediation-as-proposed-by

    11. committee to develop a contemporary mission statement for The Cooper Union

      They have to rewrite the mission to take out the part about free education, but they're too busy for the shitshow.