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  1. Nov 2021
    1. secondary to cardiovascul

      1 Cause death cvd

      Dec amount deaths per yr Inc RF Obesity, DM, metabolic synd -> rising Death rate CAD MC in M> F Death f>M

    1. Lipoproteins

      -Water soluble -carries apoplipoprotients -coenzymes

    2. Triglycerides

      -Phospholipid =fatty acid -composes CM -hydrophobic -Primary source of energy

    3. Cholesterol

      Cholesterol -Component of CM -Steroid Hormone and Bile acid synth

  2. Oct 2021
    1. Mycoplasma

      Walking Pneumonia: Bullous Myringitis, Hemolytic Anemia, Cold agglutination

      young children

    2. Legionella

      GI SXS. DIARHEA and vomiting.

      Soc Hx of resent cruise, stay at hotel, or ac unit

    3. HIV

      CAP- Jejuni

    1. relieved by sitting up

      Buzz word for Pericarditis and Pancreatitis

    2. ipsilateral

      same side

    3. males

      Marfans (ab Lincoln)

    4. crepitus

      rice crisps sounds

    5. Patients

      Associated w/ alcoholics

    6. dissection

      pt will have varying BP btw upper and lower extremities

    7. dimer

      Very sensitive not specific

    8. leg swelling or pain

      Immediately w/u for PE; especially if female in Hypercoagable state