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  1. Mar 2018
    1. Am I immortal?

      Winzy repeatedly returns to this question. He is wishing that it is not true, but he knows that Cornelius' elixir did affect him in the way he expected.

    2. to my--no, not my fellow-mortals

      Every time Winzy remembers that he is no longer mortal there is an air of sorrow.

    3. buoyant lightness

      Interesting that his soul is lightened by the elixir. Is that what immortality does to the soul.

    4. soul-refreshing drink--more inebriating than wine--sweeter and more fragrant than any fruit

      the descriptions of the elixir make me want some. I wish Cornelius would've just written down the recipe

    5. cloven foot

      referring to the "Devil," Cornelius