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  1. Jan 2017
    1. The area, comprising about one square mile, is enclosed by a concrete wall seven feet high and covered with barbed wire.

      This camp seems very small and it's not a good place to be kept when its cramped with a lot of people.

    2. The German press has repeatedly announced that great numbers of prisoners have been released and that several of the concentration camps have been closed.

      After a period of time the German press announced that numbers of prisoners were released and some of thr camps had been closed.

    3. Although at every cross-examination the prisoners are tortured, the Nazis never succeeded in obtaining any traitorous information.

      Prisoners were tortured in order for the Nazis to contain information which they never succeeded

    4. The paper states the prisoners are beaten with oxtails and shot “when caught in the attempt to escape” or are found “hanging in their cells.” Every prisoner knows that the report is true.

      If the prisoners tried to escape or were caught escaping they were beaten and shot.

    1. After the death of Joseph Stalin in 1953, many prisoners were released and the number of camps was drastically reduced.

      Many of the prisoners got released and the number of concentration camps dropped right after Joseph Stalin had died

    2. those who did not starve often died of overwork

      People that didn't die from starvation usually also died because of overwork at the camp.

    3. those unable to work usually died of starvation

      Some people who usually couldn't work like some of the children, the ones who weren't already killed when they first arrived at the camp usually starved to death.

    4. Inmates were required to work for their wages in food;

      While in the concentration camp you had to work for your food.

    5. camps served as the special prisons of the secret police

      The camps were used to keep Jews because Nazi's were against their beliefs.

    1. we went to a house and Mrs. Dirnfeld told the lady of the house that she was the wife of an officer and that my sister and I were her daughters.

      They secretly hid in a womens house so that the natzis couldn't find them

    2. Czechs

      an ethnic group native to the Czech Republic in Central Europe

    3. Monika told me that the NKVD secret police were coming to get my sister and the lady we were with, Mrs. Dirnfeld.

      Gestapo were coming after jews to send them to concentration camps.

  2. Oct 2016
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    1. The Prince of Cumberland! That is a step FTLN 0322 On which I must fall down or else o’erleap, FTLN 0323 For in my way it lies. Stars, hide your fires; FTLN 0324 Let not light see my black and deep desires.

      Its a sleep/dream because Macbeth dreams to be king. This is mood because hes yearn to have the title of the king. This is literal because Macbeth actually wants to be a king he's not just figuratively saying it. The characters that are involved are Macbeth Duncan and Malcolm. The motif is associated with one character which is Macbeth because he wants and dreams to be king.