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  1. Sep 2016
    1. 35 out of 612 Paper Sessions have the term "health" in the keywords, or approximately 5% of all papers presented.

    1. Batch geocoding of EPIC patient records to assign lat/lon and census tract identifier, joined to data in Data Warehouse. Run nightly as python scripts.

    1. Created a geocoder that returns social-economic data for a given location. Possibly usable to add social determinants to health records.

    1. Correlation analysis done on health outcomes and walkability in the community. Oregon counties ranked on a health index. Grouping analysis done on associated health outcomes.

    1. Cursory review of Business Intelligence platform at Children's National Health System in Washington DC

    1. Using Twitter feeds to identify location of Ebola reporting. Interesting inference to geographically distributed but related tweets, but not well presented in slide.

    1. Point density (hot spot) analysis done to identify most prevalent location of Diabetes patients in New York City.

    1. Used ESRI Collector application to gather survey information of the neighborhoods surrounding Crosswalk Church in Redlands.

    1. Identified hospitals with or without competition (proximate to other hospitals) and correlated to selected quality indicators. Results not shown.

    1. PHI mapping rules discussed, can't map more specific than 3 digits of zipcode and more than 20,000 population.

    1. Created a model to calculate service areas for HIV provider locations to use in determining over and under-served patient locations.

    1. Implementing a GIS system to provided location based population characteristics using ESRI premium content for CIGNA.

    1. "Active Living" index calculated using walkability and transit access correlated to healthy outcomes.

    1. Identified "pharmacy deserts" based upon location of pharmacies and member location or identified demographic group