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  1. Jan 2023
    1. That thou among the wastes of time must go,

      This "among the wastes of time" is an intriguing phrase. I think it can be interpreted as "the deserts of time" or "something that time no long wants".

    1. With safety of her innocence;

      I find that the speaker may be alluding to different ideas in this line. His daughter, who passed at only six months, will be safeguarded of her innocence as she will not experience any form of hatred or danger in the mortal world. Yet, I also believe it applies to the sacrament of baptism which ties to her innocence. Baptism is performed a few weeks after birth for purity in the eyes of God. Therefore, Mary is pure and innocent as she goes to heaven.

    1. This living hand, now warm and capable

      I feel as if it makes sense that "living hand" is associated with "now warm and capable." I feel as if this means that his life which was once filled with dread and possibly bloodshead was replaced with a persona capable of helping others.

  2. Dec 2022
    1. Wij weten ook datdeze controles als enige middel slechts beperkt geschikt zijn arbeidsomstandighedente verbeteren of verborgen mensenrechten schendingen te ontdekken, bijv.mensenschendingen door dwangarbeid.

      Bewust van beperkt geschiktheid van social audits om mensenrechten schendingen te ontdekken

    2. De implementatie van onze corporate due diligence aanpak is een dynamisch proces,waarvan wij de omvang en het ontwerp voortdurend controleren en verder ontwikkelenmet behulp van externe stakeholders en partners (bijv. maatschappelijke organisatiesen vakbonden).

      Beschrijving dynamisch proces due diligence aanpak

    3. Bij de aanpak van risico’s in onze toeleveringsketen op het gebied vanmensenrechten en milieu richten wij ons in de eerste plaats op de productie van onzeeigenmerken. Deze zijn niet alleen verantwoordelijk voor het grootste deel van onzeomzet. Wij zijn ook rechtstreeks voor onze eigenmerk producten verantwoordelijk. Ookbij de inkoop van merk producten verwachten we dat er rekening wordt gehouden met deimpact van het productieproces op mens en milieu.

      Lidl richt zich op de eerste plaats op risico's van mensenrechten en milieu van de productie van eigenmerken

    4. we werken er continu aan om de kennis van onze inkopers op het gebiedvan sociale en ecologische kwesties te verbeteren. Via trainingen gericht op dezedoelgroep en gespecificeerd per productgroep, vergroten we de kennis van onzeinkopers en versterken we de centrale rol van duurzaamheid bij Lidl.

      Trainingen voor inkopers op het gebied van sociale- en ecologische kwesties

    5. De beoordeling van mogelijke risico’s voor onze eigenmerk producten wordt uitgevoerddoor middel van een systematische procedure die is gebaseerd op indices zoals deGlobal Rights Index van de ITUC en de Global Slavery Index, en is gecombineerd metgegevens van de Verenigde Naties Voedsel- en Landbouworganisatie (FAO) en deEnvironmental Perfomance Index. Daarnaast gaan we continu in gesprek met externestakeholders en winnen de expertise in van bijvoorbeeld maatschappelijke organisaties,vakbonden en andere deskundigen. Samen met deze verschillende experts kunnen wein kaart brengen waar de grootste uitdagingen zijn om mensenrechten schendingen tevoorkomen en kunnen we maatregelen ontwikkelen om deze obstakels te verminderen,bijvoorbeeld obstakels in relatie tot vrijheid van vereniging of het recht op collectieveonderhandelingen

      Systematische procedure voor risicoanalyse op mensenrechtenschendingen

    6. We erkennen tevens dat schendingen vanarbeidersrechten kunnen plaatsvinden omdat overheden niet in staat zijn deze adequaatte beschermen, of omdat werknemers zich niet in vrijheid en effectief kunnen verenigen.

      Lidl erkent dat schendingen betreft arbeidsrechten kunnen plaatsvinden

  3. Aug 2022
  4. Jul 2022
    1. With the reading portion of the world it is generally known that I have devoted the greater partof my life in visiting, and recording the looks of, the various native Races of North and SouthAmerica; and during those researches, observing the healthy condition and physical perfection ofthose people, in their primitive state, as contrasted with the deplorable mortality, the numerousdiseases and deformities, in civilized communities, I have been led to search for, and able, Ibelieve, to discover, the main causes leading to such different results.

      catlin e l'analisi dei popoli dei nativi americani

  5. Apr 2022
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  8. Jan 2022
    1. Statin exposure is associated with reduced development of acute on chronic liver failure in a veterans affairs cohort.


    1. parents’ ruth,

      Really interesting word choice that I've never heard before. Sets the tone of the poem to involve sadness and grief right from the start.

    1. you.

      The audience of the poem is the reader. This is not known until the last word, so it is interesting to reread the poem once more with this idea in mind. The author could have included 'you' earlier in the poem, but purposefully left this until the near end of the poem.

    2. own heart dry of blood

      The author is comparing life to blood. He does it in this line ad again in the next.

    3. now warm and capable

      The poem as a whole is very somber, but leads with words that would make you think otherwise.

  9. Nov 2021
    1. On the geopolitical stage, it’s hard to argue with the claim that Twitter is a force of evil. But Twitter is also the infrastructural backbone of much of the digital humanities world.
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  13. May 2021
    1. That image only contains 200 pixels horizontally, but the browser stretches it to 400px wide or even farther!Luckily, you’ll see there’s an easy “fix” there at the end: our old good friend the width attribute!<img src="example.gif", srcset="example.gif 200w" sizes="(min-width: 400px) 400px, 100vw" width="200" /* <=== TA-DA! */ class="logo">As long as you can specify the width attribute so it reflects the true maximum size of your largest image, you won’t run into this problem of having sizes make your image wider than it naturally should go.
    1. We haven’t covered this yet, but HEY has another consent-based feature they call the Speakeasy code. When used in the subject line of an email, this code grants the email access straight to the Imbox.
  14. Apr 2021
    1. This gem uses a Rack middleware to clear the store object after every request, but that doesn't translate well to background processing with Sidekiq. A companion library, request_store-sidekiq creates a Sidekiq middleware that will ensure the store is cleared after each job is processed, for security and consistency with how this is done in Rack.
    1. If you'd like to read more about the game's arguments, click here. 

      I'm not familiar with this term "arguments" used like this. Isn't this more referring to the motivation for this game?

  15. Mar 2021
    1. data[:users, :[], :name] = 'Matz' # :[] is next index, 0 in this case
    2. A proposal to specify the path for bury with classes as values of a hash arg: {}.bury(users: Array, 0 => Hash, name: Hash, something: 'Value') # {user: [{name: {something: 'Value'}]} So all absent nodes could be created via klass.new

      Didn't understand it at first, but now I think it's a pretty clever/decent solution.

      Just a bit more verbose than one might like...

      At first I had reservations about the fact that this requires you to pass a hash ... or rather, once you start using a hash as your "list", you can't just "switch back" to an array (a "problem" I've noticed in RSpec, where you have some tags that are symbols, and some that are hashes: you have to list the symbols first: describe 'thing', :happy_path, driver: :chrome):

      {}.bury(users: Array, 0, 'Value')

      But I think that's okay in practice. Just use a hash for all "elements" in your list:

      {}.bury(users: Array, 0 => 'Value')
    3. data = {}.extend XKeys::Auto # Vs ::Hash, uses arrays for int keys data[:users, 0, :name] # nil data[:users, 0, :name, :raise => true] # KeyError data[:users, :[], :name] = 'Matz' # :[] is next index, 0 in this case # {:users=>[{:name=>"Matz"}]} pick = [:users, 0, :name] data[*pick] # Matz data[:users, 0, :accesses, :else => 0] += 1 # {:users=>[{:name=>"Matz", :accesses=>1}]}
    1. # Parallel Ruby universes ("Rubyverses") - A proposed interface for # parallel, "semi-private" method or method-and-data spaces via # "closely associated" objects.
    1. Model theory recognizes and is intimately concerned with a duality: it examines semantical elements (meaning and truth) by means of syntactical elements (formulas and proofs) of a corresponding language
    1. Researchers reported that large populations consistently develop highly similar category systems. This may be relevant to lexical aspects of large communication networks and cultures such as folksonomies and language or human communication, and sense-making in general.
    1. The words type, concept, property, quality, feature and attribute (all used in describing things) tend to be used with different verbs. E.g. Suppose a rose bush is defined as a plant that is "thorny", "flowering" and "bushy". You might say a rose bush instantiates these three types, or embodies these three concepts, or exhibits these three properties, or possesses these three qualities, features or attributes.
    1. For example, in the Dyirbal language, the morpheme balam marks each entity in its noun class with the semantic property of edibility,[8] and Burmese encodes the semantic property for the ability to cut or pierce. Encoding the functional property for transportation, housing, and speech are also attested in world languages.
    1. All I needed to do was configure my bash so it will always start vim in server mode if it is not already and to always use the --remote-tab switch when opening files.
    1. Athena is still in production use at MIT. It works as software (currently a set of Debian packages)[2] that makes a machine a thin client, that will download educational applications from the MIT servers on demand
    1. One thing that would be useful to this debate an analysis of a language ecosystem where there are only "macropackages" and see if the same function shows up over and over again across packages.
  16. en.wikipedia.org en.wikipedia.org
    1. PyPy uses a technique known as meta-tracing, which transforms an interpreter into a tracing just-in-time compiler.
    1. var md = require('markdown-it')('commonmark');

      first sighting: require(...)(...)

      How would that work with import? Not as fluidly but...

      import markdownIt from 'markdown-it'
      let md = markdownIt('commonmark')
    1. Uber::Option implements the pattern of taking an option, such as a proc, instance method name, or static value, and evaluate it at runtime without knowing the option's implementation.
  17. Feb 2021
    1. The Track() function will snap the output to the next task that is “magnetic to” the track’s semantic.
    1. oynement that wolde clense and byte,

      Going off the last comment I think Chaucer here is suggesting that the summoner is so far from being a good person there is no cure for his lack of morals

    2. a yong Squiér, A lovyere and a lusty bacheler,

      Interesting Chaucer presents the squire right after the knight, it makes it seem as though they are foils for each other meant to emphasize their different stages in development as knights

    1. Record filters allow you to require an instance of a particular class (or one of its subclasses) or a value that can be used to locate an instance of the object. If the value does not match, it will call find on the class of the record. This is particularly useful when working with ActiveRecord objects.
    1. We really don’t think laws and “imaginary property” have any place
  18. Jan 2021
    1. Now I can only smile.

      This makes me think of the narrator being bedridden in old age or sickness and her partner is no longer alive. Since flowers and hospitals also have a close tie like flowers and relationships, the author might be trying to convey how the narrator's relationship with her partner changed over time with old age but still kept the same in some aspects.

    2. your flowers

      The use of "your flowers" instead of just "flowers" insinuates that the partner isn't worried that the narrator doesn't want flowers in general, but, rather, the partner is worried that the narrator wouldn't want flowers from him specifically. This makes me think there has been turmoil in the relationship.

    1. rages

      The poets uses what would rather be a simple verb as a powerful verb to paint the picture of how the moon is the most outstanding object at night. This is probably to show that love can power through tough situation. But the moon has phases.

    1. <Masonry> component implementation could be something like this (very drafty)
    2. The CardLayout creates a store in context and the Card creates a standardized div container and registers it to the store so that the CardLayout has access to that DOM element. Then in afterUpdate you can move the DOM elements into columns and Svelte will not try to put them back where they go. It's a bit messy but it works.
    3. I think that maybe instead of using the prefixed $$ globals, a more "natural" solution could look something like this: import { slots, props, parent } from '@component';
    1. So haunt thy days and chill thy dreaming nights

      It kind of seems like he is talking about feeling dead and sort of contradicting the title This living hand... because you get cold when you die and he's talking about haunting the day.

    2. now warm and capable

      Is he maybe talking about something that happened in the past? I feel like he's saying that it's "warm and capable" now, but before now it was cold etc.

    1. But of course, there are UX implications. For example, it can be harder to select the text, and the entire element needs fairly complex styling to create clear focus and hover states. There are also accessibility implications, like the fact that the content of the entire card is read before it is announced as a link.
    1. A hosted Kit is the easiest way to add Font Awesome to your website. It's a collection of icons, styles, and settings that allows you to make changes and update versions without pushing code.
    1. To explain further what exactly I’m building, the animated background is a pure code equivalent to the old music video, but runs as long as the full length of the album, though without any event triggers to tie it to the music (the animation runs continuously for the full amount of time that the uninterrupted album lasts, but does not pause or jump to a different location in the animation). It’s also extremely slow animation
  19. Dec 2020
    1. Say I have a separate API server that provides content for a Sapper route. I could just query that API in my route's preload function, but if the content changes rarely, I don't want to incur that cost for every page load and would much rather cache responses from the API on the Sapper side.
    1. With the caveat that hero worship can be gross, distorting, and unhelpful to everyone involved, Svelte author Rich Harris (@rich_harris on Twitter) is one of my favorite open source developers. In the JS community he’s well-known among tool authors for spreading interesting ideas. He’s the creator of many open source projects including Rollup, the bundler of choice for many libraries including React and Vue.
  20. Nov 2020
    1. This overloaded word is also non-jargon for a proper morphism.
    2. notion

      I don't feel very comfortable with this choice of wording, perhaps because the dictionary definition includes such wishy-washy definitions as "A belief or opinion." "An impulse or whim."

      Why not choose a better word like "property"? Which is what they called it here, for example.

      (Even "concept" or "idea", though just as vague, might be better than notion?)

    1. Those frameworks are used in a similar fashion, but conceptually use quite different approaches (Vue is a more traditional one, a library, and Svelte is a "dissapearing framework").

      interesting wording: Svelte is a "disappearing framework".

  21. Oct 2020
    1. I'm afraid there's only so much the docs & tutorials can do about something like this actually. When you first read them, you don't get Svelte well enough (since you're reading a tutorial...) for this to make sense to you. Then you try something, encounter a behaviour, question it, understand better... That's learning.
    1. Looking at a few isolated examples doesn’t really represent the enormity of the maintenance problem when you modify objects that you shouldn’t. To understand this point of view, it’s helpful to take a step back and look at moral philosophy (aka ethics).
    1. What links all these things is the way they pass the responsibility for upholding norms — for creating “school” — onto individual children and families.

      This is where you can type your notes.

  22. Sep 2020
    1. Thus, in theory at least, any narrative can be actualized by any medium which can communicate the two time orders

      This is true as it is important that within the medium that the two times are independent and not dependent on each other.

    2. novelization," which transforms already exhibited films into novels)

      this is a very interesting idea that i have never thought of. But i don't think that it would work as well because for me i like of make my own mental image of the characters while reading the book. so if it were a movie i would immediately think of the actors that played them in the movie.

    1. The @const indicates that the value is read-only (i.e. it cannot be assigned to or mutated in an expression such as an event handler), and communicates, through its similarity to const in JavaScript, that it only applies to the current scope (i.e. the current block or element).
  23. Jul 2020
  24. May 2020
    1. Where I track capacity, appetite, & commitments. A place where I can stay organized while also allowing transparency for my teams & anyone else who is interested in what I’m currently focused on.

      "My Plate"

    1. Once running, kaniko will then get the data from STDIN and create the build context as a compressed tar. It will then unpack the compressed tar of the build context before starting the image build.
    1. Adequacy decisions have so far been adopted for Andorra, Argentina, Canada (commercial organizations), Faroe Islands, Guernsey, Israel, Isle of Man, Jersey, New Zealand, Switzerland, Uruguay and Japan.

      Not a list of countries you often see listed together.

  25. Apr 2020
    1. Guédelon Castle (Château de Guédelon) is a castle currently under construction near Treigny, France. The castle is the focus of an experimental archaeology project aimed at recreating a 13th-century castle and its environment using period technique, dress, and material.

      Guédelon Castle (Château de Guédelon)

      More info on HN

  26. Mar 2020
    1. combining a wide variety of styles and influences is a recipe to being interesting. The reverse would be that having only a few influences and styles is a recipe for blandness
    1. is a statement not made by us only; although it may seem a sufficiently marvellous and incredible assertion to those who have a reputation as philosophers among Greeks and Barbarians, by some of whom, however, an idea of His existence seems to have been entertained, in their acknowledging that all things were created by the word or reason of God.

      I am not sure I understand perfectly what was said here, however, if what I believe it is being said is right I think this is a very interesting sentence. Son of God is a statement made by us, which is sufficient by itself but also by greek philosophers? As a reinforcement of this statement?

    1. Meanwhile, in the case of those who were denounced to me as Christians, I have observed the following procedure: I interrogated these as to whether they were Christians; those who confessed I interrogated a second and a third time, threatening them with punishment

      In the Christian faith a lot of people fear sinning and others don’t fear sinning, or going against God, they fear punishment. When we repent our sins do we do it because we truly feel remorseful or because we don’t want to face the punishment. Also, in bible stories we see punishment as being something that should be feared. This makes me think of “Daniel in The Lions Den,” because the ones who received the punishment in the end were those who tried to get Daniel in trouble.

    2. They asserted, however, that the sum and substance of their fault or error had been that they were accustomed to meet on a fixed day before dawn and sing responsively a hymn to Christ as to a god, and to bind themselves by oath, not to some crime, but not to commit fraud, theft, or adultery, not falsify their trust, nor to refuse to return a trust when called upon to do so. When this was over, it was their custom to depart and to assemble again to partake of food--but ordinary and innocent food. Even this, they affirmed, they had ceased to do after my edict by which, in accordance with your instructions, I had forbidden political associations. Accordingly, I judged it all the more necessary to find out what the truth was by torturing two female slaves who were called deaconesses. But I discovered nothing else but depraved, excessive superstition.

      This is interesting because this piece of text relates to sinning and the repercussions of that and torture which comes with sinning. Also how hiding the truth is a form of sinning.

  27. Feb 2020
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  29. Dec 2019
    1. Use a USB-condom. This is a device that plugs in between your normal cable and the computer and blocks the data lines
    2. Use a USB cable with a "data switch". This cable is normally power-only, which is what you want 90% of the time. However there is a button ("Data Transfer Protection On/Off Switch") you can press that will enable data. An LED indicates the mode. This kind of cable is much safer and secure, plus more convenient for the users. It follows the security principle that if you make the defaults what you want users to do, they're more likely to follow your security policy.
    1. They hand in hand with wandring steps and slow, Through Eden took thir solitarie way.

      I thought that like the sonnets that showed Milton had feelings, I felt that this is another way that he could show his feelings in a way. I liked the ending because they came together.

  30. Nov 2019
    1. Those who feel overloaded are actually less likely to use the internet or smartphones

      I found this bit of the study to be interesting. It's referencing a different study, but I would be curious see what percentage of the group quoted used smartphones in the past and are currently trying to use them less because they now feel overwhelmed. I believe information overload is a real thing and I think it comes in the form of moments when you're staring at your phone (likely social media) for a long time, you get frustrated, and then you finally realize "I need to put down the phone and do something away from a screen." I've definitely had that moment plenty of times. I'm not sure if that is what this "information overload" study is referring to, but I would be curious to look into it more. Also, the date 2006 was mentioned, so I'm not sure when this study was done last. I wonder what the results would be like now in 2019.

  31. Oct 2019
    1. lror t'r:rrrr1,lt', rtt tlrc solc pr"o-moted and therefrlrc uncrrphatic line-endillg of the cxcerpt, "l)Al{l(-ncssVIS-i-srE," ft.62), the lack of a clear-cut ending is appropriate for tlrc pirra-doxical mystery being evoked. Similarly Milton's avoidance of the ferninincending is breached at the start of the excerpt with Satan's "aspiring" abovehis peers; with hindsight one perceives that Milton tends to use such endingsfor acts of disobedience and illegitimate aspiration

      This explanation seems like a stretch. While I'm aware Milton probably paid a lot of attention to stressed and unstressed syllables in his writing, it feels like the pairing of Darkness and Visible just made Milton make an exception to the rule.

    1. type KeysOfType<A extends object, B extends { [key: string]: any }> = { [K in keyof A]: A[K] extends B ? string extends keyof A[K] ? K : never : never; }[keyof A];