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  1. Apr 2022
  2. Jun 2018
    1. FUQ

      This was a fun pun at the time I wrote it, but I don't think it worked. Did it?

    2. Today is Privmas Eve

      I'm thinking now that this needs to be a stand-alone page rather than a post. Something timeless rather than a post that scrolls into the past. Thoughts?

  3. Jan 2016
    1. For-profit ad-blockers

      Above Randall was praising commercial competition. We have it here too. Why is commercial competition bad with ad blockers and good with (presumably) everything else?

    2. interactive technologies make it possible

      The implication here is that only "interactive technologies" make all this stuff possible, and that interactive advertising is the only enabling category of interactive technologies. In fact all the stuff in this paragraph are made possible by the Net and the Web, and advertising is only one way to make money there.