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  1. Nov 2020
    1. “If the next token is while then do…”


    2. helper

      helper function is inner one

    3. jlox

      Lox interpreter using Java

    4. 4 . 7Reserved Words and Identifiers

      length varied and maximal munch

    5. 4 . 6Longer Lexemes

      length varied lexeme

    6. 4 . 5Recognizing Lexemes

      single character lexeme

    7. 4 . 5 . 2Operators

      lexeme up two character

    8. 4 . 2 . 1Token type


    9. stumble upon


  2. Sep 2020
  3. Feb 2020
    1. class dict(iterable, **kwarg)

      the positional argument must be an iterable object. Each item in the iterable must itself be an iterable with exactly two objects

  4. Jan 2020
    1. tag of annotation type

      1. header
      2. must know
      3. confusing
    2. It is difficult to recall a commit that is not pointed at by any ref. The further the user goes from a ref, the harder it will be for them to construct the meaning of a commit. But the further back they go, the less likely it is that someone will have changed history since they last looked5.


    3. Push a branch to a bare repository


    4. Git goes to HEAD to get the parent of the a3 commit


    5. Merge FETCH_HEAD
    6. Fetch a branch from a remote
    7. Link a repository to another repository

      link to a mirror repository (cloned, remote)

    8. Add some files
    9. Pull a branch from a remote
    10. Check out a branch
    11. Check out a commit
    12. Clone a bare repository

      delta ├── HEAD ├── config ├── objects └── refs

    13. Push a branch to a checked-out branch on a remote


    14. Clone a repository


    15. Make a commit
    16. you build your mental model on the truth rather than on hypotheses constructed from evidence gathered while experimenting with the API.


    17. Initialize the repository
    18. The first entry is for data/letter.txt. The content of this file is a in the base, b in the receiver and a in the giver. The content is different in the base and receiver. But it is the same in the base and giver. Git sees that the content was modified by the receiver, but not the giver. The diff entry for data/letter.txt is a modification, not a conflict.
      the content flow before merging in two branches
      • base: 'a' -> receiver: 'a' (receiver is unmodified after base)
      • base: 'a' -> giver: 'b' (receiver is modified after base) ##### the content flow after merging
      • receiver: 'a' -> giver: 'b' (giver is modified after receiver and don't have any conflict)
    19. It gets the giver commit


    20. superseded


    21. working copy


    22. 100664

      represent "file permission"

    23. It creates a tree graph to represent the content of the version of the project being committed


    24. This command creates a new blob with the new content. And it updates the index entry for data/number.txt to point at the new blob.
    25. They make the correction and add the file to the index again