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  1. Jul 2021
  2. Mar 2021
    1. which geriatric and ICU parameters
      • quais os parametros geriatricos
      • quais os parametros de UCI

      que estao associados a

      • mortalidade intra-hospitalar
      • mortalidade a longo prazo
    2. estudo que tenta prever quais os doentes idosos >75A que sobrevivem a um internamento na UCI com VMI

    1. RSU - respiratory support units

      • infection control precautions
      • oxygen utilisation
      • ambient air monitoring
    2. where can covid 19 patients be looked after? general wards respiratory support units critical care units

      which patients can be looked after in non-critical care settings?

      what criteria should be used for escalation to areas with higher acuity treatments?




  3. Feb 2021
    1. Early tracheostomy within or equal to 7 days of ventilation VS Late tracheostomy beyond 7 days of ventilation



  4. Jan 2021
  5. Dec 2020
  6. Jul 2020
    1. Excellent lectures - informal language, good pace. The lecture about finite state machines is very useful.

  7. Jan 2020
    1. On the uses of eigenvector and eigenvalue What it means How to calculate them