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  1. Feb 2024
    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWVrz5oCt2w<br /> The meaning of Hand Gestures in Art History<br /> Amuze Art Lectures

      Middle and ring fingers together to represent modesty. (He doesn't say it, but it also could stand for "M" as in Medici??)

      Finger pointing at viewer may indicate a self portrait.

      Woman's hand on abdomen may represent pregnancy, a fertile marriage, or the desire to bear children.

  2. Jan 2023
    1. Zika virus as a cause of birth defects: Were the teratogenic effects of Zika virus missed for decades?

      Although it is not possible to prove definitively that ZIKV had teratogenic properties before 2013, several pieces of evidence support the hypothesis that its teratogenicity had been missed in the past. These findings emphasize the need for further investments in global surveillance for emerging infections and for birth defects so that infectious teratogens can be identified more expeditiously in the future.

  3. Aug 2022
  4. May 2022
    1. The use of pennyroyal to induce an abortion came up in a contemporary case from the 1990s, when a young woman named Kris Humphrey died as a result of ingesting the herb, not knowing that she had an ectopic pregnancy.
  5. Apr 2022
    1. Jackie Parchem, MD [@jackie_parchem]. (2021, July 29). @MeadowGood @ACOGPregnancy Some of the docs who stepped up and got vaccinated early when we didn’t have the data we do now. What we all knew: Protecting moms protects babies! All have had their babies by now! @IlanaKrumm @anushkachelliah @gumbo_amando @emergjenncy @JuliaNEM33 https://t.co/h9UJo6h3fQ [Tweet]. Twitter. https://twitter.com/jackie_parchem/status/1420785474499645442

    1. ReconfigBehSci on Twitter: ‘RT @syramadad: C.D.C. Recommends Covid Vaccines During Pregnancy “Only 23% of pregnant women have received even 1 dose of Covid vaccine in…’ / Twitter. (n.d.). Retrieved 23 August 2021, from https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1427376304349798400

  6. Feb 2022
    1. Viki Male on Twitter: “@jtmayes3 @kevinault Let’s begin by taking the 172,000 number at face value. About 190,000 ppl have been vaccinated during pregnancy in the US. So if that were true it’s a miscarriage rate of 90%… 1/ https://t.co/cXYXDv1UgB” / Twitter. (n.d.). Retrieved February 2, 2022, from https://twitter.com/VikiLovesFACS/status/1487313040785686528

  7. Jan 2022
    1. Stock, S. J., Carruthers, J., Calvert, C., Denny, C., Donaghy, J., Goulding, A., Hopcroft, L. E. M., Hopkins, L., McLaughlin, T., Pan, J., Shi, T., Taylor, B., Agrawal, U., Auyeung, B., Katikireddi, S. V., McCowan, C., Murray, J., Simpson, C. R., Robertson, C., … Wood, R. (2022). SARS-CoV-2 infection and COVID-19 vaccination rates in pregnant women in Scotland. Nature Medicine, 1–9. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41591-021-01666-2

  8. Dec 2021
  9. Nov 2021
    1. Tania Bubela. (2021, November 17). New resources on #COVID19vaccines & #pregnancy from the fantastic group @CDCofBC Indigenous Knowledge Translation Working Group. @HarlanPruden working to meet knowledge needs of Indigenous communities in ways that are meaningful. @ScienceUpFirst take note! @SFU_FHS @CaulfieldTim https://t.co/oK3WJUj9p6 [Tweet]. @bubela_tania. https://twitter.com/bubela_tania/status/1460776956379557889

  10. Oct 2021
  11. Sep 2021
    1. Viki Male on Twitter: “Updating my single-slide summary on the safety of #COVID19 #vaccines in #pregnancy to include new data from the V-safe pregnancy registry that came out while I was on holiday.... 1/ https://t.co/ij9qqFob69” / Twitter. (n.d.). Retrieved September 2, 2021, from https://twitter.com/VikiLovesFACS/status/1432978088581861376

    1. Villar, J., Ariff, S., Gunier, R. B., Thiruvengadam, R., Rauch, S., Kholin, A., Roggero, P., Prefumo, F., do Vale, M. S., Cardona-Perez, J. A., Maiz, N., Cetin, I., Savasi, V., Deruelle, P., Easter, S. R., Sichitiu, J., Soto Conti, C. P., Ernawati, E., Mhatre, M., … Papageorghiou, A. T. (2021). Maternal and Neonatal Morbidity and Mortality Among Pregnant Women With and Without COVID-19 Infection: The INTERCOVID Multinational Cohort Study. JAMA Pediatrics, 175(8), 817–826. https://doi.org/10.1001/jamapediatrics.2021.1050

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    1. How this phenomenon translates into absolute, rather than relative, risk, however, is a bit thorny. A large study published in 2018, for instance, found that among women who had children between 34 and 47, 2.2 percent developed breast cancer within three to seven years after they gave birth (among women who never had children, the rate was 1.9 percent). Over all, according to the American Cancer Society, women between 40 and 49 have a 1.5 percent chance of developing breast cancer.

      The rates here are so low as to be nearly negligible on their face. Why bother reporting it?

  22. Jun 2020
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  24. Oct 2019
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      Mrs. Jones had 6 stillbirths, then two healthy children

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      "my condition" is she pregnant?

    3. astnightMrs.Wheelergavebirthtoa.deadchild.Shehadbeenconnnedtoherbedfortwomonthspreviously,onaccountofconvulsionsandotherdifnculties.

      Mrs. Wheeler had a still birth after 2 months of complications

  25. Sep 2019
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      Mrs. Ayer got sick from pregnancy and still only does light work



  26. Mar 2018
    1. While I was pregnant, I found out that women love to recount their birth experiences. It didn’t matter if it was a new mom I ran into at my doctor’s office or the grandmotherly cashier at the grocery store: Everyone had a birth story to share.

      Never tell another woman your birth story. It's not a competition. It's always the worst when it is happening to you. And if you had a good experience--shut up about that too.