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    1. vitriol-web

      for : IndyBlog

    2. Vitriol - a distributed, serverless web publishing platform

      serverless publishing platform

    1. Biological and Cultural Evolution Six Characters in Search of an Author An EDGE Original Essay By Freeman Dyson [2.19.19]

    1. winkle on the water,my grandmother clearing her

      eternal now and then


    1. free text from rectangularity and sequence

      no to : - rectangularity - and sequence

    2. By interpenetrate I mean transclude.

      interpenetrate meaning transclude

    3. handle possiplexity,


    1. Quote of the week Shout out to @TrailMarks for becoming the first monthly backer to @rustlang #IPFS!

      — Mark Robert Henderson (@aphelionz) June 23, 2020

    1. Thank you for this work. I think an overview of cabailities and organizing them in a meaningful fit for some purpose way is something that needs to be done. I do not have the bandwidth to dwell in.It came up for me in the context of considering workflows that individuals engage with and that leads to the identification of salient functions and features and provide a framework for actionable organization
    1. functions features?

      I would be anchoring the discussion in the contedt of workflows

      I guess we need both

    1. The End of Organizing How GPT-3 will turn your notes into an *actual* second brain

  2. Jan 2023
    1. “loose coupling” gained popularity

      the idea of loose coupling is one of the earliest ideas in computing Alan Kay thesis half a century ago


    2. “Decoupled” and “Decentralized” Cloud.

      One way to characterize the IndyWeb

      spearheading the People Centered Paradigm Flip

      is to say that it provides the constellations that would allow us to eliminate the need for using these quotation marks

    3. Preconditions for Decoupled and Decentralized Data-Centric Systems

    1. From the epistemological heritage of Paul Otlet to a relational theory of knowledge organization

      neighbourhood theory of knowledge

    1. I tend to recall exchanges just as well as readings

      recall exchanges

    2. New insights come around because we do other things when we don’t write.

      which leads you to see the new kind of connection!

    3. metaphors used in knowledge organization: trees, forests and labyrinths, rivers, oceans and islands, unexplored territories and webs
    4. “Schematization” concept note


    5. human cognition proceeds in arborescent reduction followed by reticular organization

      = arborescent reduction

      followed by reticular organization =

    6. I focus on reticular organization, structures in the shape of networks, including hierarchical ones (trees); network, tree, two more concept notes.

      = reticular organization

    1. A scalable open-source web annotation tool

    1. The problem is, we put things into notes because we don't know what we'll use them for.

      good point

      but we know and can articulate the current focus of attention intent that the things we find notable is

    2. so that we could pull up our notes when we needed them

      tools like WikiNizer of old that helps one to "Bring to mind what you had in mind" Large language models, b y definition not at the edge of knowledge certainly know nothing about 15% of the unique terms used in Google Searches every day that the system had not seen before

    3. Note taking is building a relationship with a future version of yourself.

      nicely put

    4. The End of Organizing How GPT-3 will turn your notes into an *actual* second brain

      You do not need GPT for that

    1. Fleek.xyz platform itself will be an NFA

      fleek as NFA

    2. Web3 Apps Should Be Controlled by DAO’s/Communities (not Founders/Companies)


    3. decentralized frontend and application hosting.

      How does this related to Fission's vision of Building the future of web apps at the edges?

    4. Introducing NFA’s: Non-Fungible Apps

    1. “Like, all the models are made up, right?”

      models are made up

    2. Bankman-Fried’s admission that most venture-capitalist investments are not “the paragon of efficient markets” and driven primarily by FOMO and hype

      admission : Bankman-Fried - VC investments not "the paragon of efficient markets" - driven by FOMO and hype

    3. brokenness of this investment ecosystem

      broken investment ecosystem

    4. replace Twitter with a blockchain-based payment-and-message system.

      blockhain-based payment-and-message system

    5. making Twitter censorship resistant via a “decentralized infrastructure” and “open APIs.”

      making : Twitter - censorship resistant - via : "decentralized infrastructure" - "open APIs"

      market place for algorithms #

    1. dramatic, multidimensional implosion of Meta

      implosion of : Meta

    2. The End of the Silicon Valley MythThe companies that define our digital lives have hit a wall.

    1. Scott's notion of least fixed points of continuous func-tionals

      = fixed points

    2. eastfixed points

      = fixed points - or predicate transformers #

    3. least fixed points of functionals

      = fixed point

    1. = Symbiocene doc

      naming : #

      the next area : in human history = - etymology : # - from Greek symbiosis companionship

      characterized by : - human intelligence replicating - symbiotic & mutually processes found in living systems # - reinforcing - life-reproducing forms & processes

      elements of : latent human intelligence # - recyclability inputs outputs - elimination of waste - safe just renewable energy - harmonious integration of industry/tech with - physical & living systems - at scale

    2. elements include

      of human intelligence needed - full recyclability of all inputs and outputs, - the elimination of toxic waste in all aspects of human enterprise, - safe and socially just renewable energy, and - full and harmonious integration of human industry and technology - with physical and living systems - at all scales.

    1. Members eventEmits an array of members that have joined the room.

      = members event

      javascript room.on('members', function(members) { // List of members as an array });

    2. Observable RoomsObservable rooms act like regular rooms but provide additional functionality for keeping track of connected members and linking messages to members.

      = observable rooms - prefix the room name with obervable-

    1. Observable Rooms

      = observable rooms - attach data to a Socket connection

    2. A message published to a room will be broadcast to all users who have subscribed to that room
      • messages published to a room
      • broadcast to subscribed users
    3. RoomsRooms divide users connected to a channel into separate messaging groups.

      = rooms - divide users connected to a channel - into separate groups

    1. Delivering Insights From Big Data   Rosoka drives understanding from your data so you can make Informed Decisions



  3. Dec 2022
    1. Google will shut down your free G Suite account unless you pay — what you need to know

      I've been paying for it from the start

  4. channelmcgilchrist.com channelmcgilchrist.com
    1. ‘Our talent for division, for seeing the parts, is of staggering importance – second only to our capacity to transcend it, in order to see the whole’

    1. My prediction is that we will continue to recognise (as laid out in exquisite detail by Dr Iain McGilchrist) the deep limitations of the reductionist, materialist scientific paradigm on which the dominant modern Western culture is built and which is intimately linked to the existential crises we face today. 

      reductionist materialist scientific paradigm


    2. Five trends signalling that 2023 will be ‘The Year of The Great Paradigm Shift’

    1. A tipping point in awareness and paradigm shift are long overdue!

      = tipping point

    1. The total capacity for injection and withdrawal from German gas storage facilities is around 23 billion cubic meters of gas.


    1. Darren Zal 2nd degree connection 2nd Software Developer at LongTail Financial Longtail Financial McGill University Victoria, British Columbia, Canada Contact info 500+ connections 4 mutual connections: Marc-Antoine Parent, Brad deGraf, and 2 others4 mutual connections: Marc-Antoine Parent, Brad deGraf, and 2 others

    1. unlock the Internet of Value

      Unlock the Internet of Value

    1. It is not possible to both verify the WhoCAN and maintain privacy of the name. Names shared on the NNS network will be readable by any peer systems.

      "Anything is possible, if u deem it so" You may need to rethink what you have deemed mpossible because the original conceptualization was not quite "right"

    2. Name Name System Specification

    1. Alan Morrison Alan Morrison is an independent consultant and freelance writer on data tech and enterprise transformation. He is a contributor to Data Science Central with over 35 years of experience as an analyst, researcher, writer, editor and technology trends forecaster, including 20 years in emerging tech R&D at PwC.

    1. 0:03 / 1:12:37

      Assoc Prof Simon Michaux - The quantity of metals required to manufacture just one generation of...

      Sustainable Minerals Institute UQ 2.35K subscribers

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    1. Introduction: The ubiquitous Web and the Allternet

    1. shopping for data is rather like shopping for individual pieces of Lego: it only becomes useful and worthwhile when the pieces are connected together.

    1. citizen-governed financial system (and the foundations for entirely new economic systems- which is where https://hypha.earth/ c


    1. AccelerateDecentralised Organisation Corporations were built for the industrial age, DAOs are built for the information age

    1. Integrating Siloed Personal Knowledge GraphsCritical steps in improving the productivity of enterprise note-taking

    1. MindDrive@MindDriveCo"I must not switch context. I will create my own total self-organizing contexts. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when I focus on one, When I look I'll see see only relevant trails Where the context-switch would have been. Only the Context-Flow will remain."

      Fear is not the mind-killer

      context switching is

    1. MuSIASEM or Multi-Scale Integrated Analysis of Societal and Ecosystem Metabolism

      Multi-Scale Integrated Analysis of Societal and Ecosystem Metabolism

    1. in a Sustained Bear (my belief) or a Crypto Winter

      = sustained bear


      = crypto winter

    1. neither of them therefore take the real personal nature of the individual into account but not can but nor can they take account of the real nature of what they 00:28:42 see in the cosmos hegel gazes at the cosmos and sees history as this spider's web of concepts schopenhauer gazes at the cosmos and 00:28:54 instead of a spider's web of concepts which for him is mere reflection he sees the ocean of surging will and the human being is a vessel into which is siphoned a drop of what flows 00:29:07 ever on in this non-rational non-reasonable will ocean human beings just mimic the possession of reason idea and thought which are merely the reflection in them 00:29:20 of non-rational will yet these two elements do exist in the cosmos the cosmos consists of thoughts as hegel saw hegel in the west look at the cosmos and sea world thoughts 00:29:35 schopenhauer and the east look at the cosmos and see world will both are true and the serviceable worldview in relation to the cosmos would have arisen if it had been possible paradoxically 00:29:49 for schopenhauer's scolding to have brought him to the point finally of going through the roof of leaving his body behind him while hegel's soul remained inside hegel and schopenhauer's soul plummeting back 00:30:02 down had fallen into hegel and inhabited him too then the conjoined being of schopenhauer and hegel would have seen both world thought and world will and this would have been a true vision 00:30:16 of what exists in the world world thought and world will which are present in very diverse forms what does spiritual scientific inquiry actually tell us about this cosmology 00:30:30 it tells us that if we look into the world and let world thoughts work upon us we see the thoughts of past ages everything that has taken effect from primordial times to this present moment 00:30:43 this is what we see when we see world thoughts for world thought appears to us in its dying and fading when we look into the world in this originates the rigid dead nature 00:30:55 of natural laws and the fact that we can use nothing much other than mathematics which deals with dead things when we seek to survey the laws of nature 00:31:07 in contrast world will works in all that speaks to our senses delighting us in light in all that we hear in tones and feel and what warms us in all sensory impressions 00:31:21 it is this that rises from the dead element of world thoughts and basically points us toward the future world will has what i would call a chaotic undifferentiated character 00:31:34 yet in the present moment of the universe it lives as the seed of all that will be carried forward into the future if we give ourselves up to the world's element of thought on the other hand 00:31:47 we have all that plays over into the present from the dawn of time this is not the case though in the human head thought exists in the human head but there it is sundered from external 00:32:00 universal thought and is instead and is instead bound within the human individual to an individual element of will which you might well see initially as a small reservoir of the cosmic will

      individual small reservoir of the cosmic will

    1. Tech leader in globally sharable, searchable and interoperable data ecosystems

      slogan : globally shareable, searchable and Interoperable data ecosystem

    1. IOTICS Enabling digital cooperation between enterprises. -Reduce costs, unlock value and generate revenue across your ecosystem Internet Publishing London, England 2,584 followers

    1. User:Lmichan From Wikidata Jump to navigation Jump to search Layla Michán


    1. I'm Layla , online researcher, lifelong curious, virtual teacher, digital information sleuth, digital resource hunter, digital collection curator, literature biologist, data lover, web surfer, database weaver, data taxonomist. digital resources and biogeek.


    1. The HubDiscover Mods with controls & benchmarks to interrogate your cloud, or drill deep into to the table schemas & docs for your favorite plugins.

    1. Toward Networked Autonomous Organisms (NAO) and Mycelial Networked Societies



    1. Life will knock us down, but we can choose, whether or not, to get back up.

      life knock us down choose to get back up

    1. Monetize your expertiseYou have unique knowledge. Kahana is a platform to help you monetize quickly. The average person takes 6.5 months to monetize online - with Kahana you earn your first $1 and get recurring revenue 10X faster.




  5. Nov 2022
    1. Wiki Threads's Threads – Thread Reader Apphttps://threadreaderapp.com › user › wi...https://threadreaderapp.com › user › wi... · Oldal lefordításaShare this page! ×. Tweet Share Email. Close. Wiki Threads Profile picture. Wiki Threads. What if Wikipedia did twitter threads? Add to My Authors.

      = Wiki Threads

    1. The philosophical diversions of the manual will make sense only if they lead back to concrete work and concrete stories. So let's now return to the projects in the field and let's see if we find a way to close the threads into a beautiful carpet. A flying one? You bet!

      = Wiki Threads

      close the threads into a carpet a magic one, you bet

    1. The End of Rebel Wisdom and What's NextIncluding the highlights film of The Last Campfire

      The Bigger Picture now?

      Can't let go of the all seeing eye, can you?

    1. the issue is that ddd is suddenly on the scene in  a way that it wasn't that's good which is a good   thing right because it gives us organizational  principles that help make the code better make it   00:05:36 cleaner right is it it uh you know helps a lot of  stuff it helps with names it helps with everything

      = domain driven development - helps with names

      = What's in a Name

    1. capabilities of IPs but it's all public

      its all public

    2. so called web three and the D. Web and, and P-D-P. Data networks

      Web 3

    3. N-D-N-D social.

      Indy Social Networks

    1. The "Plex" is one name for the loosely federated set of inter-communities we're in.

      = why not? = Trust networks of interplexed communities

    2. 2/2/22 First BPD! News and views around the Plex, for 2 February 2022.

    1. connects top tech talent with venture-backed climate tech startups looking to grow

      = the root problem is in = VC model per se

    1. Programs should be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute.

      express the intent, the diamond

      do not bury it in the sand of code and complications resulting of piling in half baked ideas that seemed reasonable at the time

    1. Recursive Functions of Symbolic ExpressionsTheir Computation by Machine, Part IandJOHX MCCAaTItY, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass

      what a joy to read and annotate it on the Web Well worth waiting for

    1. See Tracey’s talk “Blogs & Websites from Markdown & JS; Content first, Decentralizable, Archivable”

      from markdown and JS content first make it born multiplayer, decentralizable, interpersonal archivable

    1. Video of Cory’s Talk from Aaron Swartz Day 2021: “Move Fast and Fix Things: Aaron’s Legacy, Competitive Compatibility and the CFAA”


    2. Chokepoint capitalism can’t be solved with more copyright, no more that your bullied kid’s lack of a hot lunch can be addressed by giving that kid more lunch money.

      can't solve it with more copyright

    3. every artist must pass through a “chokepoint” to reach their audience, and at that chokepoint, any copyright that parliament has seen fit to apportion to creators is expropriated by a multinational corporation.


    4. Cory Doctorow

    1. According to Appen, business leaders are much less likely than technical staff to consider data sourcing and preparation as the main challenges of their AI initiatives. “There are still gaps between technologists and business leaders when understanding the greatest bottlenecks in implementing data for the AI lifecycle. This results in misalignment in priorities and budget within the organization,” according to the Appen report.

      business leaders missalignment

    2. “If you train ML models with bad data, model predictions will be inaccurate,” Sagiraju said. “To ensure their AI works well in real-world scenarios, teams must have a mix of high-quality datasets, synthetic data and human-in-the-loop evaluation in their training kit.”


    3. Why data remains the greatest challenge for machine learning projects

    1. end up listening only to one it's not the radio set that's changed it's you

      noit the radio set changed but you

    2. nderstanding the whole picture

      understanding whole picture

    3. favor manipulation grabbing getting and controlling

      = favour = manipulation - grabbing - getting - controlling

    4. mesmerized by the least intelligent part of our brain

      least intelligent part of our brain

    5. no longer live in a world at all but exist in a simulacrum of our own making

      live in a similacrum of our own making

    6. we have no longer the foggiest idea what a human life is about

      not a foggiest human life is about

      = assoc - not the meaning of life, - find the meaning in life

    7. riches and power the only point in having riches

      point of making riches is power

    8. we're making ourselves wretched


    9. AI World Summit 2022 Dr Iain McGilchrist on Artificial Intelligence and The Matter with Things


    1. !- claim = Charles Simonyi - founder = Intentional Software - - and = Charles Simonyi - CTO - chairman - - wayback : https://web.archive.org/web/20181108113627/http://www.intentsoft.com/charles-simonyi/ - - annote : https://hypothes.is/users/gyuri?q=simonyi+founder+wayback

      = claim = Charles Simonyi - founder Intentional Software - - and = Charles Simonyi - CTO - chairman - - wayback : https://web.archive.org/web/20181108113627/http://www.intentsoft.com/charles


      !- meta : introducing claims - on the fly one can write down a triple - Subject - Predicate - Object - marked with the TrailMark !- claim : - using the notational convention of separating them with a hyphen - this is easy to write - easy to recognized/select for - a perfect way to introduce the very - notion of TrailMarks - as a notation to undergird/ render effective the - very notion of the Universal Effective Concept - as TrailMarks is notation to introduce - 'Thought Vectors in Concept Space' - in fact it is this notation and the notion of Clues and Transclusion which allow us to weave concept spaces and being a universal effective concept it can be used to bootstrap anything else that we dream up, and as long as we can provide complete elaboration of our intent we wish to envisage that embodies all the necessary reasonable condition for its existence it can be 'interpreted' to make the conceptualization of our intent real in software working to exhibnit desired behaviour, serve our intents and purposes.<br /> - to use Simpnyi's thjis is the closes we can get to \Matic by create Software throuh Symmathetic conversation to and 'invoke' through TrailMarks the Practical Magic of Software - so that we end up with an intertwingled multidimensional space where each dimension is formed along intent captured as interdependent networks of TrailMarks spanning Digital Autonomous interoperable, interchangeable permanent Intentional Spaces build for trust from trust for the benefit of the Ones, the Players who use them, individuals and emergent self-organizing, self-creating communities of Players and Makers who c-create co-evolve the very tools needed to inhabit commons based, peer produced autonomous digital intentional evergreen spaces whose entire evolution can be recapitulated, past states re-visited, work resumed with the entire scaffolding of their past accessible for review and change

  6. Oct 2022
    1. It's a competitor to any company trying to own the underlying fundamentals forsocial media," Dorsey tweetedDorsey tweetedDorsey tweetedDorsey tweetedDorsey tweetedDorsey tweetedDorsey tweetedDorsey tweetedDorsey tweetedDorsey tweetedDorsey tweetedDorsey tweetedDorsey tweeted, "or the data of the people using it

      it clearly could play that role

    2. new "decentralized social network" that allegedly seeks to reclaim user data.

      nice niche if you can carve it out

      funnel user data under user control to other social networks as an intermediary.

      People can do this for themselves not only with guarantees of ownership but for real. Wish him luck so that the idea will get poplularized and perhaps the original BlueSky project can exploit the mindshare created there by

      • original : https://bafybeidneevme7odpdwjmy5kpx6jxzj647zwkhe6yn67x5lcjl2aiqmx24.ipfs.w3s.link/Departed%20Twitter%20Founder%20Jack%20Dorsey%20Is%20Launching%20a%20New%20Social%20Network.pdf
    1. "It's a competitor to any company trying to own the underlying fundamentals for social media," Dorsey tweeted, "or the data of the people using it."

      Clearly it would play that role

    2. "decentralized social network" that allegedly seeks to reclaim user data.

      nice niche if you can carve it out

      funnel user data under user control to other social networks as an intermediary.

      People can do this for themselves not only with guarantees of ownership but for real. Wish him luck so that the idea will get poplularized and perhaps the original BlueSky project can exploit the mindshare created there by