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  1. Mar 2017
    1. Add audio recordings and visual displays to presentations when appropriate to enhance the development of main ideas or themes

      Technology has become so popular in classrooms and I thing that this is a great option as a accommodation for students who have disabilities

    2. diverse partners

      I think that this is an important inclusion into the standard. When a diverse group of people are included in a discussion, it makes the discussion much richer and allows for many point of views to be voiced.

    1. The teacher reads the story excerpt, paus ing and underlining the short a words (

      this is a great example of how to help children identify the sounds!

    2. Phonics instruction should aim to teach only the most important and regular sound symbol relationship

      Understanding phonics is crucial in the childs ability to read and understand what is being said

    3. traditional skill-based instruction

      I have noticed that now with technology advancing forward into classrooms, students are more reliant on those and aren't learning the skills necessary

    4. e a meaning emphasis, and believe that through repeated readalongs, assisted readin

      As someone who works in a class of 1 year olds in a daycare, I see how these can help a child recognize words and understand their meaning. I'm skeptical to whether this helps make them good readers though

    1. f-selected reading. Durin

      I really like that students are able to pick the books that they want to read. I feel like if I was allowed to do this in elementary and middle school I would've enjoyed reading more instead of feeling like it was a chore

    2. he reading workshop is called self-selected reading and response. It involves three student activities: Self-selected reading (SSR), Literature

      When we involve students in activities, they become more active in their own learning. When given a task sometimes they don't even realize that they're actually learning until you ask them about the information and they truly know it. I like that there's individual reading conferences as one of the steps because then everyone gets one on one information

    1. ho used a lot of team games and stressed quickness in completion of assign ments. She stated that sometimes it was hard to get kids to settle down and sit and talk when they had just spent an hour working quickly and individually.

      I think implementing different ways of teaching a lesson is crucial. If students had to sit through 6 hours of lesson after lesson in a setting where all the work is done independently and in silence, then there would be no challenges to their thoughts and the students would get restless and antsy, making more distractions for other students

    2. ne of the main difficulties was the tension in the classroom. There was a pervasive feeling of hostility betw

      The classroom environment is key in the success of the students. If a classroom environment is hostile, the students will be more focused on that tension than the lesson. It's important that the teacher is aware when hostile environments are in their classroom so that they can be handled to make for a safe learning environment

  2. Feb 2017
    1. They found that good readers make connections to themselves and their communities.

      making connections is a crucial task for young learners and they're only going to be able to do that based on what they know and for some, their surroundings may be all that they know.

    1. gender diversity to late elementary

      Diversity is a topic that should be discussed in all classrooms and the sooner it's brought in, the more educated the students will be as they learn about more of the issues that occur and it may help that have more of an open mind

    2. Gender policing can shift into bullying.

      This is beyond important. Bullying is a big problem in schools and can lead to lasting effects on a person and their mindset about the world and themselves.

    3. I therefore proceed with extreme caution in theorizing gender and applying these theories to the everyday educational lives of children

      It's important to always tread carefully when trying to use something to define another person because you never know how the community will take it

    1. Use linking words and phrases (e.g., also, another, and, more, but) to connect ideas within categories of information

      Using linking words makes a students writing much more fluid. An idea that comes to mind when thinking about fun ways to teach linking words is to play a game with the entire class. As the teacher, come up with the beginning sentence of a story. Then, have students popcorn continuing it on by using the linking words and phrases. This way they can have a fun creative way to learn something that may otherwise seem boring.

    2. ecoding words.

      Decoding words is an essential skill. When a student has difficulties with decoding, they have issues with accuracy and comprehension in reading. These problems can relay over into math when it comes to word problems too.

    3. Determine the meaning of general academic and domain-specific words and phrases

      This is important because it allows for them to use their current knowledge of vocabulary and context clues to determine the meanings of new words.

    4. 13 | K-5 | rEAdiNg: iNFOrmATiONALTExTRICommon Core State StandardS for enGLISH LanGUaGeartS & LIteraCy In HIStory/SoCIaL StUdIeS, SCIenCe, and teCHnICaL SUbjeCtSRIReading Standards for Informational Text K–5Kindergartners:Grade 1 students:Grade 2 students:Key Ideas and details1.With prompting and support, ask and answer questions about key details in a text.1.Ask and answer questions about key details in a te

      I really like that this is left really simple. It's a skill that students need to know how to do in order to grasp the purpose of the text. In the 1st grade, the text will more likely be stories but if they aren't able to ask questions then it creates more challenges when it comes to how they learn