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  1. May 2016
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    1. muff

      "A covering, often of fur and usually of cylindrical shape with open ends, into which both hands may be placed for warmth. Now chiefly hist" (OED) .

    2. tippet

      "A long narrow slip of cloth or hanging part of dress, formerly worn, either attached to and forming part of the hood, head-dress, or sleeve, or loose, as a scarf or the like" (OED).

    3. road–books

      "A book of maps showing the roads of a district or country, often having additional information of interest to travellers or motorists; (also formerly) a book describing particular roads or routes" (OED).

    4. quiz

      "Senses relating to oddness or eccentricity. Now rare and arch" (OED).

    5. charge

      "The duty or responsibility of taking care of (a person or thing); care, custody, superintendence" (OED).

    6. bustle

      "To be fussily or noisily active; to move about in an energetic and busy manner; to make a show of activity" (OED).