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  1. Dec 2015
    1. Music was popular among the soldiers of both armies, creating a diversion from the boredom and horror of the war.

      this was a distraction for the soldiers to clear their minds

    2. Soldiers were forbidden to interfere with slavery or assist runaways, but many soldiers found such a policy unchristian.

      they wanted to help out the slaves

    3. The American Civil War had begun.

      this was a huge event in history

    4. To a Southern man, there was no fate more terrifying than the thought of being reduced to the level of a slave. 

      This was something they did not want to happen.

    1. The Missouri Compromise marked a major turning point in America’s sectional crisis because it exposed to the public just how divisive the slavery issue had grown.

      This exposed the problem of slavery in the country

    2.  The Louisiana Purchase of 1803 more than doubled the size of the United States.

      This gave the United States more land

    3. Conflicts stemming from slavery’s western expansion created problems for the United States from the very start.

      This created battles of slavery and how the government protected the interest of slave owners

  2. Nov 2015
    1. And so, during the early-nineteenth century, opportunities for education and employment often depended on a given family’s class.

      Higher class got first priority for higher wages

    2. Women and children worked to supplement the low wages of many male workers.

      Men and women had to work

    3. The market revolution shook other industries as well.

      They started to make mass quantities of products and made more profit

    4. By 1860 Americans laid more than 30,000 miles of railroads

      thats a really amazing length of railroads it made everything easier

    5. The cotton boom fueled speculation in slavery

      They used slaves to make them money.

    6. To protect the fortunes and liabilities of entrepreneurs who invested in early industrial endeavors, states offered the privileges of incorporation

      Incorporations made it easier and had people work together than putting it all on one person.

    7. New York State completed the Erie Canal in 1825

      The Erie canal is a important part of history and made it easier for transportation

    8. Prostitutes and con men could look like regular honest Americans.

      this is still a problem and happens today

    1. The New York convention would ratify the Constitution by just three votes, and finally Rhode Island would ratify it by two votes

      thats how many votes it took i did not know it barely passed

    1. The last global ice age trapped much of the world’s water in enormous continental glaciers.

      how much water is it?

  3. Aug 2015
    1. Humanity and nature both do the same thing here. god created heaven and earth he also placed a man to have everything necessary he could to live and not to abuse the power he had. Who authorizes it is King James and mainly God.