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  1. Jan 2017
    1. Out of the acids of rage

      Throughout the piece there are all of these very dark and sharp images that are easy and sometimes disturbing to picture and imagine. This description is the most vivid one to me from the piece, because I can imagine the anger exuded by the Lion growing inside of him and spreading to others, like a chemical acid would spread when released in the air.

    2. From the oak turned to a wall, they Lion,

      The "they Lion" stood out to me the most in this part, because the two words are put between two commas, and are at the end of a line instead of the beginning of a line. I think this adds to emphasize the two words more, and helps to mix up the repetition since it's near the end of the piece.

  2. May 2016
  3. annotatingausten.sfsuenglishdh.net annotatingausten.sfsuenglishdh.net
    1. a letter

      "[...] letters were written on sheet[s] of paper that were folded and sealed [...] Envelopes were not used" (Jane Austen's World, Vic, "Letter Writing in Jane Austen’s Time").

    2. God

      “Modern capitalization patterns for this word only became well established during the 18th century” (OED).

    3. housemaids

      “Originally: a female domestic servant, esp. one in charge of the reception rooms and bedrooms. Now more generally: a woman who is employed to perform various domestic tasks, esp. cleaning, in a person's home, a hotel, etc” (OED).

    4. the Bath paper, and look over the arrivals

      "1755 - Oct 18 : Bath Advertiser, Bath's second newspaper, founded to include 'Lists of the Nobility and Gentry resorting to the BATH'" (British Library).

    5. Alps and Pyrenees

      Notice how far the locations that Catherine refers to are from England.