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  1. May 2019
    1. but fifteen

      The Marriage Act of 1753, or Lord Hardwicke's Act, prohibited marriages for those under 21 without a parent or guardian's consent (Marriage Act 1753, PERFAR https://www.perfar.eu/policies/marriage-act-1753)

    2. connivance

      "Voluntary blindness; pretended ignorance; forbearance" (Johnson).

    3. preferment

      "Advancement to a higher station" (Johnson). In this case, the clergy living of Pemberly.

    4. legacy

      "A particular thing given by last will or testament" (Johnson).

    5. repugnance

      "Reluctance; unwillingness, struggle of opposite passion" (Johnson).

    6. open

      "Not wearing disguise; clear; artless; sincere" (Johnson).

    7. wantonly

      "Laviciously; frolicksomely; gayly; sportively; carelessly" (Johnson).

    8. Wilfully

      "Obstinately; stubbornly" or "by design, on purpose" (Johnson).

    9. The envelope itself was likewise full.

      The cost of a letter was dependent on length and number of pages. Likewise, envelopes didn't come into common use until 1840 (Leslie Adkins, Jane Austen's England, 235-236).

    10. through

      "From one end of side to another" (Johnson).

    11. haughty

      "Proud; lofty; insolent; arrogant; contemptuous" (Johnson).

    12. Ramsgate

      A seaside town roughly 80 miles from London in Kent, the southeast of England.

      Ramsgate Sands (Life at the Seaside), William Powell Frith, 1852.

    13. executors of my father’s will

      "Before 1858, the executor or executrix would register the will in the relevant ecclesiastical court to obtain a grant of probate, thereby allowing the bequests to be fulfilled" (BBC, https://www.bbc.co.uk/history/trail/familyhistory/journey_life/research_tools_04.shtml).

    14. veracity.

      "Agreement of statement or report with the actual fact or facts; accordance with truth; correctness, accuracy" (OED).

    15. remonstrance

      "A protestation, an objection; an expression of disapproval or disagreement; a warning against a particular course of action" (OED).

    16. verdure

      "The fresh green colour characteristic of flourishing vegetation; greenness, viridity" (OED).

    17. turnpike-road.

      "A road on which turnpikes are or were erected for the collection of tolls; hence, a main road or highway, formerly maintained by a toll levied on cattle and wheeled vehicles" (OED).

      The Bayswater Turnpike, Paul Sandby, 1731-1809, undated (Artstor).

    18. obtruded

      "Forcibly or unduly proffered; imposed" (OED).

    19. pecuniary

      "Consisting of money; exacted in money" (OED).

    20. dissipation.

      "Wasteful expenditure or consumption of money, means, powers, faculties, etc.; squandering, waste" (OED).

    21. plantation

      "An area planted with trees, esp. for commercial purposes" (OED).