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  1. Sep 2021
    1. If Orwell merely tried another way who is to say he wouldn’t like it?

      To answer your question, he probably would not like it just because ti would be a foreign and unusual taste to him, but I understand your point that even if it is not his method does not mean it is wrong.

    2. tea

      I love this picture because although it is simple it highlights what Orwell is missing in that tea is meant to be enjoyed, and the method by which it is enjoyed is irrelevant. Well done!

    3. Orwell in this instance is a rather large narcissist

      I think narcissist is the perfect description of Orwell's tone in this text, as he clearly acts as if his method of tea drinking is superior, despite there being other valid methods that could improve taste or realizing that it is all personal preference. There is more than one way to make tea and if he wants people to accept his methods then he has to accept the validity of their's

    1. He also does not understand the etiquette of not drinking the tea straight from the tea.

      Could you please clarify what you mean by drinking tea from the tea? I'm curious as to what he does not understand in terms of tea etiquette.

    2. Putting sugar in tea is treasonous to Orwell you’re basically drinking newborn blood by drinking tea with sugar.

      Your point that Orwell is very closed-minded about tea traditions is valid and interesting, but the lack of punctuation make sit difficult to understand. Maybe add a comma or period in the middle?

    1. The assignment after the reading also really helped me understand the article a lot more. It was fun and helpful to go in-depth in the article.

      I don't quite understand what you meant by this sentence, so maybe it would help to reword it a little so that it makes more sense? For example, saying I appreciated the assignment as it gave me a deeper perspective surrounding tea traditions and qualities. But good point!

    2. We may disagree on a lot of things, but the author opened up my mind by showing me there is another way to drink tea.

      I respect your ability to view both your's and the author's perspectives as equals and notice that although you have differing opinions, you both have valid points in that you may be making the taste better but also destroying it's natural flavor

    1. After reading the text initially, I felt that it made perfect sense that one should try not to pour sugar into tea as tea was meant to taste bitter. Now, however, I understand that sweet tea might be an alternative version of tea, but I still agree that tea was meant to be bitter, but adding sugar if you don’t like the taste should still be acceptable and should not impact how others identify you as a “tea-lover.”

      I think you make a good point here! However, these sentences are a little wordy/repetitive and it becomes a little difficult to understand, but great point about whether or not tea should be bitter!

    2. I think the fact that there is a “right” way to drink tea is controversial and subjective, but I also believe that the steps in order to drink tea properly have reasons that relate to how the first people who drank tea drank tea.

      This is a very well worded description of George Orwell's judgement of tea drinkers and I think your point about tea drinking methods being right or wrong being subjective is a very valid point