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  1. Feb 2023
    1. Throughout the whole website the colour scheme and theme is consistent. The background colours and photos match the main page and I think that is a good idea. If each page had different colours and random pictures, it may make the website look messy and badly put together. On some of the tabs we see more images of people running, which may be the type of customer they want to attract but it is uncertain.

    2. In terms of the colours used on the website I would say they are simple but effective. The white, grey and green backgrounds are easy for everyone to see easily. And the font colouring chose was good and does not clash with the background. I also like how the button to schedule an appointment is in a bright blue, making it catch your eye as soon as you open the web page.

    3. Overall, the web page is easy to use. I can easily schedule an appointment, and navigating the tabs is simple. I went ahead and tried the web page on my mobile device as well, and it was just as easy. I also went through to try and book an appointment and that was fairly simple also, although some people may not know which type of appointment is best for them. A brief summary of the different types of treatments would be beneficial.

    4. After clicking on the "ABOUT" tab it takes you to a list of therapists at the clinic. I think it is a good idea to have information about the therapists on the website because it could bring in potential customers if they relate/ like, what they have to say. The page however has very small summaries about the therapists, with some missing completely, I think this could be improved upon. I also think more should be included about the business on the "about" page, including different modalities offered and a mission statement.

    5. In terms of the companies mission statement or goals, I was not able to find much. On the main page, underneath "Welcome to Harwood Chiropractic Centre" , It mentions being dedicated to having the latest chiropractic tools and treatments. And to create a friendly and professional atmosphere for your chiropractic needs. I think this is a bad mission statement because it does not include massage at all and massage is in the name of their business. I also do not think it conveys their company goals and mission very well.

    6. The background photo they chose for the website is ok. It shows what looks to be healthy individuals running through the grass. I think the photo could be better related to what they do at the clinic. It does not tell me anything about their business, and what their goals are as a business. It is nice to see healthy individuals on the front page but what if I am someone who is immobile or have mobility aids. This may not be achievable for everyone and may make someone think this clinic cannot help their injuries.

    7. As you scroll down on the website, you can see the disciplines they offer at the clinic - massage and chiropractic. I like that they show this on the front page so that you know if they are offering what you are looking for. I also think it would be beneficial to include the types of treatment they offer as well. Such as acupuncture, shockwave, laser therapy, and hot stone massage.

    8. I like how on the main page, the "schedule an appointment" button stands out and it is easily accessible. If I am going on a clinic's website, I do not want to be looking around to figure out where I can book an appointment.

    9. The logo on this page is hard to see and it does not stand out much. It is small and the grey and black colouring on top of an image makes it challenging to see. The logo also is not memorable because it is the name of the company in cursive font with trees in the background. It does not tell me anything about the business and it is not innovative.

    1. Logo is simple but it is professional looking and looks good with the companies branding and overall theme.