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  1. Mar 2017
    1. Anne Hathaway winning Best Supporting Actress

      Anne Hathaway starts off with ethics of her fellow nominees. She goes on to say that they are her inspirations and is honored to be amongst them. She thanks Hugh Jackman and the rest of the cast, her team and friends and family and her husband. In her past speeches, she has mentioned her mother and how she played the same role while pregnant with her. She goes on with more of a political view but her tone is not enforcing any implications or intentions. “The misfortunes of fallen teens be only told in stories and not in real life,” she is indicating to the hard tale in Les Miserbales about the enforcement of prostitution and other hardships.

    1. Shirley MacLaine Wins Best Actress: 1984 Oscars

      “I am going to cry because this show has been as long as my career,” “I have wondered for twenty-six years what this would feel like thank you for terminating the suspense.” Nothing but jokes. She does not believe in accidents anymore. She believes in the sense of truth. She makes a joke about Jack Nicholson and his middle age joy. She is the comical of all the speeches. The most selfless and engaging speech. “I deserve this thank you.”

    1. Barbra is extremely gracious and thankful. She is nothing but sweet and gratifying. There are a few jokes but overall humility and admiration. “Hello Gorgeous,” indeed.

    1. She starts off with the simplicity of her life – love, family, and work. Special thanks to her mother for giving her the belief that everything she does is art and accepted. But above all “That cruelty might be human, and it might be very cultural, it is not acceptable.”

    1. Jodie Foster Wins Best Actress: 1992 Oscars

      Dedicates the award to the women before her. Those that have paved the way. Thanks to those in the industry that gives power and dignity. The cast and crew and to Anthony Hopkins. And her family and friends. Her mother and friend for giving her gift of imagination. She ends with the academy for recognizing such a brave and feminist hero character.

    1. Jennifer Lawrence Wins Best Actress: 2013 Oscars

      After falling down, while making her way to the stage, she makes a joke. She thanks the cast and her family. Short and simple. She is such shock and awe that she cannot form words.

    1. Cher Wins Best Actress: 1988 Oscars

      Cher starts with her mother and deludes into her mother telling her to be something. That moment of recognition after almost 25 years of being in the industry gives her a moment of clarity and appreciation. She gives thanks to her children, her coaches, her fellow nominees. She gives a special praise to Meryl Streep for being her inspiration and being in her first movie with Meryl.

    1. Lupita Nyong'o winning Best Supporting Actress

      Lupita receives a standing ovation. From there she gives thanks to her cast and the director. She gives recognition to the actual person she portrayed on screen. She states “I understand that the joy that has been brought to her life is due to the pain form someone else’s” from there she is understanding just how big this moment is and how it goes back generations and centuries. She gives thanks to the her family and friends and Yale where she received her training. She ends with a message of knowing that dreams are valid.

    1. Tom Hanks winning an Oscar® for "Philadelphia"

      He is gracious for his cast specifically Denzel Washington who risked his film image to give a portrayal of what is means to go beyond. He gets more political in terms of speaking about what is fair and should be done for the future because he wants his children to have that self- security. He goes on in thanking God for gracing that night with angles that look upon us and are living a life of clarity.

    1. Tom Hanks Wins Best Actor: 1995 Oscars

      Tom is grateful for the ensemble and they have taught him so much. He has a somber moment when thanking his wife. While doing so he begins to get teary eyed. He goes on to relating to his character in terms of having magic legs. From there her goes into praising God.

    1. Sally Field winning an Oscar® for "Places in the Heart"

      “You like me, you really really like me.” Although she has won before this time around Sally Field is more appreciative of this moment because the last time was new. She thanks her family for having patience. She says thank you to the academy and is extremely gracious.

    1. Reese Witherspoon Wins Best Actress: 2006 Oscars

      Although not knowing the background of Reese Witherspoon you can tell she is a southern bell from Tennessee. She thanks her cast and crew. And having the honor to portray Johnny Cash’s love, June. And she thanks her co-star. From there she thanks her family for always cheering her on no matter what she does. And she thanks her husband and children. Her southern bell tone really brings a sweetness to her voice. You can hear the conviction and the truth in her speech. She is grateful and overwhelmed by the recognition. Reese is sticking to the moment and is lavishing in this triumphant atmosphere. Reese ends with a moral she learned from her grandmother, who was her biggest inspiration, which is to always have strength and self-respect and to never give those things away. Which is why she related so much to her character June. She leaves stating that it is important to matter and that is what will get us through.

    1. Octavia Spencer Wins Supporting Actress: 2012 Oscars

      Octavia starts receives a standing ovation. From there she makes a joke about the Oscar. She thanks the state of Alabama, and her family from Alabama, and cast of The Help. Most of the time she is sobbing and gasping as she tries to contain her composure. She thanks the academy. She has a freakout moment. And ruhses through. From there she is just in awe. And walks off the stage.

    1. Whoopi Goldberg winning Best Supporting Actress

      Whoopi Goldberg speaks of the years it took her to do what she has always wanted to. From there she continues to thank the man that casted her because it meant that there was no doubt and that I was mean for her. She thanks the late and great Patrick Swayze. She goes on to speak of her background, growing up in the projects of New York. Which demonstrates the strength and precision she has to fight for what will make her genuinely happy. From there she just acknowledges the fact that that as she looks out into the crowd she is grateful to be in a room of people she looked up to. And is even more grateful to show that life can be more.

    1. Meryl Streep Wins Best Actress: 1983 Oscars

      This video's contents is starts off with humor. As Meryl makes her way to the podium, she receives her award from Sylvester "Rocky Balboa" Stallone for her portrayal in Sophie' Choice, she gives a bit of humor. Her humor was caused by her nervousness when she dropped her speech. Her speech, at first glance looks like a tiny napkin but thus it was just her speech folded into the tiniest form she could make. Meryl has a written speech this time because "no matter how many times an individual is upon that stage the thrill of it goes through the body down to the toes." This time around being her second win she is more out of breath and in a little bit more shock. this time around she thanks the writer, the person whom cast her. She also mentions more so of a family dynamic because during this time I believe she became a mother. She is little more specific when she thanks her Polish and German coaches.

    1. Meryl Streep Wins Supporting Actress: 1980 Oscars

      The material contained in this video are the contents of Meryl Streep's first Academy Award for Kramer vs Kramer in 1980.

      During her speech she gives praise and thanks to the director, crew members such as costume, lighting etc.

      She also goes on to thank her co-star Dustin Hoffman whom also wins for Best Actor this year.

      Meryl does not express any of her political concerns during this moment. A moment that will not compare to her future wins because nothing compares to your first.