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  1. Feb 2024
    1. Résumé vidéo [00:00:00][^1^][1] - [00:57:10][^2^][2]:

      Cette vidéo raconte l'histoire du projet de loi Savary sur l'unification et la laïcisation du service public de l'éducation nationale en 1984. Il montre comment ce projet a déclenché une mobilisation massive des défenseurs de l'école libre, qui ont réussi à faire reculer le gouvernement de François Mitterrand. Il revient aussi sur les origines historiques, politiques et idéologiques de la guerre scolaire en France, depuis la loi Falloux de 1850 jusqu'aux lois Ferry de 1880.

      Temps forts: + [00:00:00][^3^][3] Introduction * Présentation du sujet et du contexte * Annonce du plan de l'émission + [00:02:07][^4^][4] La loi Falloux de 1850 * Un projet de loi conservateur et clérical * Une opposition républicaine et laïque * Une première fracture scolaire + [00:06:30][^5^][5] Les lois Ferry de 1880 * Un projet de loi républicain et démocratique * Une obligation, une gratuité et une laïcité * Une deuxième fracture scolaire + [00:09:20][^6^][6] Le projet de loi Savary de 1984 * Un projet de loi socialiste et unificateur * Une consultation, une négociation et une résistance * Une troisième fracture scolaire + [00:49:01][^7^][7] L'échec du projet de loi Savary * Un retrait du texte et une démission du gouvernement * Une victoire des catholiques et une défaite des laïcs * Une leçon politique et une résonance actuelle

  2. Dec 2022
    1. https://web.archive.org/web/20221020022908/https://www.spiegel.de/kultur/soziologie-flug-ueber-den-wolken-a-1ef2fd09-0002-0001-0000-000013511556

      A disc by Dirk Käsler of Niklas Luhmann's 'Soziale Systeme', both from 1984. Käsler notes something I hadn't realised yet. Luhmann and Habermas are almost the same age, and Käsler in 1984 dubs them Western-Germany's best sociological and philosophical contemporary export products respectively. E did her master thesis on Habermas in comparison with blogs (H never said anything about internet). The Western-Germany context is also something to take note of I think. Reading the name made me realise how much context / cultural background there is in it. How different I experience Germany now from the 1980s when even a year before the fall of the wall that happening seemed a generation away. The summers I spent in Germany, all in the west, and the visit to East Germany in 1987. A different world compared to later visits on both sides of the former divide.

  3. Jul 2022
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    1. Orwell, George. Nineteen eighty-four. (Mariner, 2008) ISBN 978-0-15-603584-2



  5. Feb 2022
    1. la cifra de asistentes a la toma de posesión de Trump era un dato falso que su equipo había hecho circular. Al fin y al cabo, aseveró Conway, no se trataba ni de una mentira ni de una equivocación, sino de lo que definió como “hechos alternativos”. Al escuchar sus palabras muchos ciudadanos recordaron algunas predicciones de la novela de Orwell: la “neolengua”, un vocabulario sintético y reducido, cuya pobreza aspira a reducir también la capacidad de pensar; y el “Ministerio de la Verdad”, cuyos funcionarios en el libro se aplican a corregir los testimonios del pasado reciente y a reescribir la historia para que se acople perfectamente al discurso oficial.

      similar a la narrativa del gobierno colombiano, donde existen cifras alternativas de pobreza multidimensional y versiones "oficiales" en relación de victimas del conflicto.

  6. Sep 2021
    1. Thursday, he announced that private-sector businesses with more than 100 employees must make sure their workers are fully vaccinated or be tested each week before coming to work.The

      surveillance state: meet the first candidate for a govnerment created retroviral biotracker:

      COVID-19 and it's quanta of "so long, freedom"

  7. Nov 2020
    1. (not quite the same as totalitarian leaders in the novel 1984 expunging heretical words from natural language to eliminate thoughtcrimes, but you get the idea)
  8. Jul 2020
    1. Do #Americans with legitimate medical issues exempting them from wearing masks have the right to shop at their local grocery store?
  9. Mar 2019
    1. That court's ruling means police can preventatively detain people even if they have no specific intelligence linking the individual to crime.

      this is sickening

    1. Get going," Fleming told him sharply. "And don't discard that packet:' As Anderton felt his way hesitantly toward the far exit of the aUey, the man's last words drifted to him. "Study it carefully and you may still survive."

      Since I already read this, I know that Fleming isn't on his side, and this relates to 1984 where O'Brien pretends to be on Winston's side. At first, O'Brien gives Winston "help," giving him the book to continue to read and learn, but then it is realized that O'Brien is against him, just like how Fleming is.

    2. The oth­ers had been patched up. And the coup had been successful.

      The ultimate fear of the inner party is a coup by the brotherhood. Are the police big brother? Are we being convinced to trust Ingsoc?

    3. "After the Anglo-Chinese War, the Army lost out. It isn't what it was in the good old AFWA days. They ran the complete show, both military and domestic. And they did their own police work."

      Similar to the practices found in Oceania. The government is the army and controls all in a dictatorship.

    4. " ... this man has used the advantage of his high position to carry out an initial escape," the announcer was saying, with professional indignation. "Because of his high office he had access to the previewed data and the trust placed in him permitted him to evade the normal process of detec­tion and relocation. During the period of his tenure he exercised hisauthority to send countless potentiaUy guilty individuals to their proper confinement, thus sparing the lives of innocent victims. This man, JohnAllison Anderton, was instrumental in the original creation of the Pre­crime system, the prophylactic pre-detection of criminals through the ingenious use of mutant precogs, capable of previewing future events and transferring oraUy that data to analytical machinery. These three precogs, in their vital function ... :'

      Like a telascreen blaring propaganda.

    5. The bus had entered the vast slum region, the tumbled miles of cheap hotels and broken-down tenements that had sprung up after the mass THE MINORITY REPORT 2113 destruction of the war

      Similar to walking around where the proles lived.

    6. "A sort of police force that watches the police. To see," he added, "that everything stays on an even keel."

      An inner party monitoring an outer party or a brotherhood in Oceania?

    7. "Who's behind it?" "Your wife." Anderton's head spun. "You're positive?''

      Similar to the plot twist at the end of part 2, chapter 10 in 1984. The person you least expect is the one planning out everything.

    8. Precrime system, is hereby declared a potential murderer and as such forfeits his rights to freedom and all its privileges."

      Similar in Ingsoc and how they handle though criminals.

    9. "That's exactly what it is," Anderton said, quick to see the advantage of stating frankly what he believed to be the simple truth. "The prediction on the card was deliberately fabricated by a clique inside the police agency. The card is prepared and I'm netted. I'm relieved of my authority automat­ically. My assistant steps in and claims he prevented the murder in the usual efficient Precrime manner. Needless to say, there is no murder or intent to murder." "I agree with you that there will be no murder," Kaplan affirmed grimly. "You'll be in police custody. I intend to make certain of that."

      Odd paranoia when attempting to resolve the issue is similar to the brotherhood solution we expected to play out in 1984.

    10. Possibly he was wrong about Witwer-but how could he be sure? In any event, the conspiracy against him was far more complex than he had realized. Witwer, in the overall picture, might be merely an insignificant puppet animated by someone else-by some distant, indistinct figure only vaguely visible in the background.

      Similar to Winston's paranoia toward the though police and the inner party tracking all his illegal actions.

    11. "Right now," Anderton said abruptly, "I'm going home to pack my things. That's about as far ahead as I can plan." "You're really going to-to try to hide out?" "I am.

      Anderton is going to attempt to hide out similar to Winston's coral in the glass ornament. I predict this will likely fail, especially because the monkeys can predict his future actions.

    12. "It wouldn't do any good. A duplicate file of cards pops out at Army GHQ. It's check and balance. They can keep their eye on us as continuouslyas they wish."

      The Inner Party is reliant upon checks within itself to avoid tyranny. The same applies for this story's gov't agencies.

    13. "You've probably grasped the basic legalistic drawback to pre­crime methodology. We're taking in individuals who have broken no law." "But they surely ,viii," Witwer affirmed with conviction. "Happily they don't-because we get them first, before they can com­mit an act of violence.

      Mass surveillance through precog mutants for potential criminals. Similar to the surveillance seen in 1984's Oceania to prevent revolts and defectors.

    14. "With the aid of your precog mutants, you've boldly and successfully abolished the post-crime punitive system of jails and fines. As we all realize, punishment was never much of a deterrent, and could scarcely have afforded comfort to a victim already dead."

      An introduction to the main idea and the purpose of Precrime.

  10. Dec 2017
    1. The Trump administration is prohibiting officials at the nation’s top public health agency from using a list of seven words or phrases — including “fetus” and “transgender” — in official documents being prepared for next year’s bu

      We're so suffering from the death of a thousand cuts, that these directives barely register anymore...

  11. Mar 2017
    1. Shirley MacLaine Wins Best Actress: 1984 Oscars

      “I am going to cry because this show has been as long as my career,” “I have wondered for twenty-six years what this would feel like thank you for terminating the suspense.” Nothing but jokes. She does not believe in accidents anymore. She believes in the sense of truth. She makes a joke about Jack Nicholson and his middle age joy. She is the comical of all the speeches. The most selfless and engaging speech. “I deserve this thank you.”

  12. Feb 2017
    1. A week after the inauguration, Nineteen Eighty-Four and The Origins of Totalitarianism were number one and number 36 respectively on the US Amazon bestseller list,

      Good for authors!

  13. Jun 2016
    1. Bazerman (1984, 1988) has chronicled the evolutionof the acknowledgment during the 19th and 20th centuriesin the journal literature of experimental physics, showinghow it became, to paraphrase Grafton (1997, p. 233), anintegral part of the rhetoric of narration and annotation

      bibliography studying acknowledgements