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  1. Jan 2023
    1. radical empathy

      Coined by Terri Givens, she emphasized how empathy needed to be expanded, and argued that you must not only care to understand racism but also understand the origins of racial contextes and biases.

    2. twilight zone

      In the deep depths of the ocean below the level sunlight can travel through water, it is completely dark yet is filled with countless species of life, many unknown to scientists.

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      It's always the case that technologies made for the sake of innovation will end up being used in unethical ways. The internet can be used for worldwide communication, but it also was used by the NSA to spy on the american population.

    1. because our post-media life is constitutively hybrid

      Media has developed to the point in which the way we represent reality has nearly become reality itself.

    2. devices which are nothing more than bodily and mentalextensions.

      Our overuse of technology has gotten to a point that our personal technological items have become directly apart of us and our identities.

    1. But conversely, the sun can only shine in a world witheyes capable of so responding . Eyes and sun thus co-respond.

      What is the sun to those who are unable to see, or to other species who don't have the visual capacity to render the suns light as well as we do?

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      Do you think that the photos the Hubble Space Telescope is taking at the moment will be more finely represented than van Gogh's painting?

    3. Of course there could be no experience of light without the incidence ofradiant energy, or without the excitation of photoreceptors in the retina, butas an affectation of being - as the experience of inhabiting an illuminatedworld - light is reducible to neither.

      This argues for antireductionism, as the text author argues that because the act of seeing light is such a unique experience, it can not be reduced and/or represented in the basic atmospherical and physiological definitions for why we physically see light.