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  1. Sep 2018
    1. llow did literary fairy tales originate? t{ow did they spread? How was theirgreat hadition formed? There are numerous theories about the origins ofthc fairy tale, but none have provided conclusive proofabout the originaldevelopment of the literary fairy tale

      These are wonderful questions, and they are ones that I think over every time I sit down in Mythology. It is so interesting to me that the same story can be retold and reworked over and over and yet it will still find audiences with open arms, prepared to pass it down to their generation and the one that comes after. How do we all come to fall so deeply in love with a story about love that resembles so many others?

    1. In that world of imagination, we not only escape the drab realitiesof everyday life but also indulge in the cathartic pleasures of defeating thosegiants, stepmothers, ogres, monsters, and trolls known as the grown-ups.

      It is odd that once we do "grow up" we move into the category we so dreaded at one point in our lives. Odd that there are now thirty some of us in a class surrounding the very fairytales that we all grew up loving, and that it seems we have taken this class to avoid the drab realities of everyday college life. Tatar has a point here in the catharsis the stories lend, and it leads me to wonder if that is one of the reasons we were all so drawn to this class.