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  1. Jun 2016
    1. Massively scaling the reach and engagement of LinkedIn by using the network to power the social and identity layers of Microsoft's ecosystem of over one billion customers. Think about things like LinkedIn's graph interwoven throughout Outlook, Calendar, Active Directory, Office, Windows, Skype, Dynamics, Cortana, Bing and more.

      The integration of external social/collab data with internal enterprise data could be really powerful, and open up interesting opportunities for analytics.

  2. Apr 2016
    1. Millennials are not necessarily great at social, they are just more comfortable with it. There is a huge difference between using social to keep up with friends and family, and using it to generate business value
    1. “fundamentally if we want to realize the potential of human networks to change how we work then we need analytics to transform information into insight otherwise we will be drowning in a sea of content and deafened by a cacophony of voices”

      Marie Wallace's perspective on the potential of bigdata analytics, specifically analysis of human networks, in the context of creating a smarter workplace.

  3. Aug 2015