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  1. Nov 2019
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    1. And to dwell in a desert and bear the babes of a kinless man

      I wonder if rahero knows who really burnt his home down. it seems as though he has killed an innocent man and stolen his wife for no reason. is there a moral here?

    2. Vengeance:

      so this poem is just never ending vengeance. tamatea's mother burned rahero's house down for revenge and now rahero wants revenge on her, but he started it.

    3. And the living fruit of his loins dropped in the fire below

      this line has a lot of meaning because the fruit of your loins is a child and he wraps his child in his loincloth so his son is now the literal fruit of his loins.

    4. The loaded end of the ómare fell and laid him dead.

      i am surprised that they killed tamatea so suddenly instead of maybe taking him before the king for a trial or public execution

    5. Since I carry my tribute of fish to the jealous king of the land

      did i miss something in the beginning about the king being bad? it seems like everyone agrees he is not a good king, so why is tamatea bringing him fish?

    6. And Rahéro, the laughing and lazy, sit and rule in his place

      i think rahero would be a really terrible king. why did he loath the current king so much?

    7. honoured the most

      i wonder why it is honoured the most I think we will find out.

    8. Támatéa the fair

      I have typically heard young and beautiful women be described as "...the fair", so it is interesting to hear a young man be described this way. Maybe this has something to do with Stevenson's sexuality.

  3. Oct 2019
    1. He paints a picture of the new equality between men and women that is sure to spring up, and she sighs that she wishes it could be true. He responds that it will be true for them: “Dear, but let us type them now / In our own lives.”


    2. The prince says he believes women are different from one another, as men are, and want different things.

      feminism and individualism

    3. makes us toys of men.”

      feminism and individualism