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  1. Oct 2023
    1. uggested that it may socially determine what should be ‘normal’ sex for women and men.

      porn acts as guidlines in a way for reality, which links to Baudrillard's impact of media, 2-way transformation

    2. sexual culture which emphasises the private

      is porn a private or public (state) issue? against feminism as personal is political

    3. acceptance of the need to assert women’s sexual pleasure, and the increase of mediated sexual discourses, mean that agendas have shifted and diversified.
    4. feminists’ ‘sex wars’,
    5. individual and society or between freedom and control
    6. The debate over pornography within feminism has been polarized
    7. descriptions both disturbing and arousing
    8. It mentions that some feminists believe pornography harms women and perpetuates inequality, while others argue that it can provide opportunities for empowerment and self-expression.
    9. “Some women who do not support porn politically still enjoy watching it, but they feel conflicted about the contradictions between their beliefs and actions,”
    10. anti-sex

      views about women and sex and sexuality have been debated whether its harmful to the feminist movement

  2. Aug 2023
  3. May 2023
    1. A sample of 489 self-identified Australian gay men 18–72 years old participated in an online survey on masculinity and homosexuality. Descriptive statistics, bivariate correlations, and sequential multiple regressions were used to test the study’s aims. Sequential multiple regressions revealed that conformity to masculine norms and threats to masculinity contingency were stronger predictors of internalized homophobia over and above demographic and other factors.
  4. Nov 2021
  5. Mar 2021
  6. Oct 2020
    1. Her dark coat fell open, and her white throat—all her soft young body in the blue dress—was like a flower that is just emerging from its dark bud.

      The ambiguity of Mansfield's stories, and there sudden endings, place the tensions and moral implications, on our laps. What are the relationships between motherly neglect, wealth, and the sexuality of a young girl? Is the young girls bratiness a reasonable reaction to her circumstances (assuming the mother, really is a neglectful mother). Is she spoiled? or is the young girl simply lashing out. Do we develop our identities, or does circumstance?

  7. Nov 2019
  8. ebooks.adelaide.edu.au ebooks.adelaide.edu.au
    1. Támatéa the fair

      I have typically heard young and beautiful women be described as "...the fair", so it is interesting to hear a young man be described this way. Maybe this has something to do with Stevenson's sexuality.

  9. Jun 2018
    1. Aldous Huxley warned of a world in which we’d arrange sexual intercourse as we make dates for coffee, with the same politeness and obligation. That now seems like an impossibly beautiful idyll.

      It struck me as a beautiful idyll when I read Brave New World. At the time, I was probably in my late teens, a sex child at his peak.

  10. Sep 2017