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  1. Apr 2018
  2. Sep 2017
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    1. Orient
      1. Not just an idea but creations with corresponding reality (geographical) and consider it with history, imagery and tradition. stories and geography go hand in hand
      2. relationship of power- west is controlling east/ not equal. domination
    2. Orient
      1. not just an idea but goes hand in hand with the geographical "life" of it. Consider the history, imagery and tradition along with the geography.
      2. discourse of domination- relationship of power. west has control over the east.
      3. saying there are lies in and about the Orient- the lies are apart of their culture- its not based in fact or reality. have to understand it to take away some of its power.
    3. academic one

      1 old/antiquated focus of study-

      1. related to academic tradition and more general meaning- imaginative, conception of the east. Cultural intellectuals (dante, karl marx)
      2. "umbrella category" corporate/ large body-discourse also is a concept for the east. "european's created the orient"
  4. Feb 2017
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    1. Great Mosque of Cordoba
      • mosque of (abd al rahman??) aisle ran perpendicular
      • dome of the rock (interior mosaic) -layered arches of damascus mosque -horseshoe arches are spanish as well as the bell towers hypostyle halls are very traditional/ having a open communal space. traditional = alternating colored stone (ablaq masonry)

      mihrab/ apse and the bell tower/ call for prayer

      maybe its beautiful ad didnt feel like spending the money to destroy a building just to spend more money to make another one so they built inside it.

  6. Oct 2016
    1. When I speak, I go out and speak, the people of this country are furious. In my opinion, the people that have been long-term workers at the FBI are furious. There has never been anything like this, where e-mails — and you get a subpoena, you get a subpoena, and after getting the subpoena, you delete 33,000 e-mails, and then you acid wash them or bleach them, as you would say, very expensive process.

      Trump tried to bring up the email scandal any time he was aloud to speak. It was a dead topic to bring up, as it has been attacked over and over by anyone who has interviewed her. His repetition of the subpoena was used to try and cause the american public to remember the deleted the emails after she was called to court. Not before. He just attacked her every chance he got, and it made for a pretty useless debate

    2. we’re giving back $150 billion to a terrorist state, really, the number one terror state, we’ve made them a strong country from really a very weak country just three years ago.

      Trump brings this up as a scare tactic using words such as "terror" and talking about the large sums of money we have sent over seas to enemy countries. He did not even address the actual question about education.

    3. I’ve set forth some big goals, getting the economy to work for everyone, not just those at the top, making sure that we have the best education system from preschool through college and making it affordable, and so much else.

      She states how she has big goals for the country and its people, but she does not say really anything about them. She just list usual topics of concern during the election, which makes it seem like she has actual plans.

    4. Are you a teacher?

      Clinton was trying to appeal to this person personal agenda. She asked about their career to seem like she is genuinely interested in the american teacher's concerns.

    1. space exploration is important

      Its not only important for our curiosity but for the future of mankind too. It inspires people to be scientists, astronauts,and engineers that will even further help the space program. Nasa also does a lot of environmentally friendly projects even though they burn a lot of rocket fuel. They also study a lot of how to help the earth out from energy usage to climate change. Nasa also improves our daily lives with many objects they have created such as baby formulas, cell phone cameras, shoe insoles, and memory foam. Not only does he space program help on earth and beyond it, it also helps us put ourselves and the universe in perspective.

    1. Scientists began to use space missions to unlock the planet’s secrets in the early 1970s

      They found that the planet is composed mostly of liquid, and that it has a magnetic field like Earth. This hinted at Jupiter’s composition and the possibility of a solid core. They also got a close look at Jupiter’s clouds – from 26,000 miles (about 42,000 km) – to determine weather patterns. With the Launch of Juno the scientists expect to find out a lot about the planets origin, structure, gravitational and magnetic fields and its atmosphere. This success with Jupiter is making scientists think about what is next: a mission to pluto. New Horizons, the rover to pluto, was able to capture data from Jupiter during a flyby. It recorded that 36 volcanoes on jupiter were very similar to those we see here on earth. Just imagine, A rover in space, not even touching the planet or anything, was able to record all of this data during a flyby. Technology certainly has come a long way since pioneer 10 ( one of the first missions to Jupiter)

    1. h

      this source seems credible, since it seems to be a document which has many sources and intellectual information.

    2. mutualunderstandingandtrust,andinternationalpartnerships

      not only does space exploration help with inspiring out society with movies and book but it also connects nations and forms a sort of bond.

    3. Spaceexplorationthussupportsinnovationandeconomicprosperitybystimulatingadvancesinscienceandtechnology,aswellasmotivatingtheglobalscientificandtechnologicalworkforce,thusenlargingthesphereofhumaneconomicactivity

      From the graph above this the things we can get out of the space exploration programs is economic prosperity, human experience, understanding of place in the universe, also knowledge of the universe expands.

    4. technologicalbenefits

      not only does this expand how we can improve important technologies on earth but space exploration also helps scientists understand more about the human body. It helps with understanding the aging process along with how the body reacts in a microgravity environment.

    5. Agencieswillconductinthenexttenyearsroboticmissions

      This can be used against ab annotation 4

      Not only does this show that nasa is doing what they can to save money and such but it also proves that they are improving their technologies.

    1. In short,

      I think that this is a credible source, since in my experience with cnn they are always good at telling it how it is. I do have to wonder where their sources are. They quote some people but there are no sources?

    2. Ninety percent of the ocean floor has not even been charted, and while we have been to the moon

      This definitely shows our priorities, always moving on to bigger things when we still have something else to finish, or at least begin. Apparently there are many things in the oceans that can help cure multiple diseases and yet we still have yet to create machines that can go into these deep waters. There are also factors that can help with overheating in our world.

    3. "an incredible waste of money" and argues that "for the cost of putting a few people on a very limited set of locations on Mars we could have dozens of unmanned, robotic missions roving all over Mars."

      Some people suggests we should use robots instead of humans for our treks into space. We could send out more and they cost less, being that they don't need as much maintenance, food supply, or a way to come back to earth.

    4. there are very good reasons to stop spending billions of dollars on manned space missions

      This article suggests that space travel should be put on a temporary halt. It suggests that the space program should try to travel to space in safer, more effective, and cost less. Also, we should focus more on our oceans.

    1. a $278 million package which blasted off from Vandenberg air force base on Tuesday and promptly crashed into the Pacific.

      This source is a well known european news source as well as the journalist who wrote about it.

      The author claims that NASA is wasting money on failures along with being stuck on getting to Mars, a seemingly 1960's theme. He suggests that the space program eats up all this money rather than using it to help out earth here and now.

  7. Aug 2016
    1. A macabre website dedicated to Baltimore murders lists sixty-eight bodies found there since 1946,

      This piece of information shows that this park is a well known dumping ground for killers. Adnan (if guilty) as well as multiple other youths would have had knowledge about this place and the gruesome things found there. This and the fact that it is only seven minutes away, i feel, shows that Hae could have been buried there by Adnan. Mr.S on the other hand seems almost to have been looking for the body and seeing that he drinks and is a rather eccentric character, he is another possible suspect. The road is one that he travels often, so why else would he take a completely different road to bury a body? He seems like the lazy type to keep it convenient.

    2. Where Hae was found is in fact less than three miles from where Saad and Rabia are sitting right now, in an office across the street from Woodlawn High School. About a seven-minute drive. They had no idea

      I feel like this part is definitely important in the case since a high school kid wouldn't think about going far to bury a body. Its a somewhat rash decision; not very planned out. This especially shows when its said in a previous episode that the "grave" was only dug 6 inches deep in a span of 30 or so minutes. To add to this, the body was buried right next to the road (see image), which shows that it was a hurried job so Adnan could go to tack practice for his alibi. This shows that not only is this in favour of Adnan staying in jail but also he might not be the "psychopath" a previous episode claimed he was.