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  1. Jun 2019
    1. Share responsibly. Much as it might depress you to think in such terms, you are an influencer within your own social network

      Since people are surrounded by social media, the right and freedom to share your thoughts and also video or picture is on their hands. Likewise, the protection of their privacy depends on their judgement as well. You have a responsibility to protect your own privacy from the social media. Elle Hunt says, "Share responsibility. Much as it might depress you to think in such terms, you are an influencer within your own social network" It will be a challenging to all of social media users, but it is only one way to avoid to get in trouble and stop the increase of distrust on social media.

    1. In marketing, familiar uses of big data include “recommendation engines” like those used by companies such as Netflix and Amazon to make purchase suggestions based on the prior interests of one customer as compared to millions of others.

      Jonathan Shaw explained "Big Data" as a beneficial device in our society. He describes "Big Data" can be helpful to find awareness and tendency especially in the industry. For example, giving the consumer's pattern of purchase from the big number of information. However, when you have so much information, it can be an obstruction to find good specific detail that you are looking for. Knowing the characteristic which advantage and weakness of how to handle "Big Data" will be the key of a development in our society.

    1. Floridi discusses how our world is being integrated into a global ‘infosphere’ where what we do online and off merge into an ‘onlife’.

      In the increasingly sophisticated information technology and the ever-changing global environment, technology is becoming a part of people life that we spend and are involved in a lot of the time. Such as managing time schedule, communicate with people, and searching not just being on SNS. Luciano Floridi talks about how much our world is being integrated into a global 'infosphere' where what we do online and off merge in to on 'onlife'. This situation poses the existence of ethic and epistemology. People are ritually drowning in no end of information today. At the same time, we only have limited approach to figure out if the information is reliable or not.

    1. There’s little doubt that students share information on social media school administrators might find useful.

      Today's young generation has a lot of social media issue. Recently, the technology keeps improving. Although, it can be good and bad. First, it can be good because we can use the technologies for checking how students dress up through cameras. We can also keep an eye on the students' internet access or tweets using specific software that people are making. It can be a useful tool to control student's behavior on social media. However, the weakness of technology is getting too much access to others. Most of the time too much access is a reason people get in trouble on social media and poor connection with others in their real life.

    2. Blake Prewitt, superintendent of Lakeview school district in Battle Creek, Michigan, says he typically wakes up each morning to twenty new emails from a social media monitoring system the district activated earlier this year.

      I think that controlling kids by using new technologies is really good idea. If it works, it is helping a staff who is working with those high school and middle school students. However, I would say there is a limitation of controlling them by the new system. The essence of this problem is more about humans' emotions, such as what they think and feel and how they hurt. It is hard to see emotion from the words that they post on internet. There are the two different parts that technology can do and what only people can do. Which is empathy. I feel we need to recognize what the machines or software can accurately find as a resource and information. We need to understand how to incorporate this technology.

    3. Patton worries that the technology being proffered to schools may be more likely to misfire on language used by black youth, potentially causing them to experience greater scrutiny from school administrators.

      From an aspect that controlling people, this article brought me about the issue of justice ethics. The main idea of it is based on everyone needs to be treated equal. In this case my point is, the machine cannot determine truly what people think. Everyone has a right to ask for help to the others not machine. In the article, there is a point that author talked about, the technology cannot see or find out the social issue specific to ethnic youth because of the language that they use. If it happens, we cannot accomplish the equal treatment to everyone.

    1. The ethical principal that I choose is Justice Ethic, the author talks about how it is important that everyone is treated equally. Such as tax, responsibility, benefit, obligation etc. Which it is becoming a social issue today and changing this situation is a challenge for us. Because people tend to treat people similar to themselves equally and people different to them poorly. This makes people want to treat people nicely, so they can get the same treatment in return. The issue today is, people don't feel they are being treated equally. Justice is a valuable tool to show the right way of the moral and philosophy in society. It makes making decisions a lot easier.

    1. Because technology is technical matter, it is also value free and neutral. It can beused for a variety of human ends and good or bad purposes. The technologyitself is neutral with respect to ends; it is simp

      In Anil Dash's podcast, he talks about luck of responsibility what people post on online. According to this article, he says, technology can be good and bad. It is up to how people use it. I agree with his thought that technology is not a bad thing, the problem is how we deal with technology. Fake news is an example how people use technology bad way. There are many fake news stories on internet today. These bring us some doubt that is it a reliable source or not. However, there are good aspects of technology too. It can be the place that you can share your ideas with others. Also, it is a place that you can find reliable sources. It is important that everyone makes sure to take responsibility for what they post on internet.

    2. nd environments. The aim of philosophy oftechnology is to understand, evaluate, and criticize the ways in whichtechnologies reflect as well as change human life individually, socially, andpolitically. It also examines the transformations effected by technologies on thenatural world of nonhuman life and the

      In Anil Dash's podcast, he talks about people who react or make social movement using technology. He gives "hashtag" as an example when he is talking, he says " We don't have a name for a movement. We don't have a shorthand way of articulating." This is really true because all these things are happening in our social network communities. I would say technology is an incredibly effective way to get an audience involved in the movement that they want to share with lots of people. Also, this is one of technology's values. Face to face is the richest communication; however, it is not as fast when we want to spread the word. Naming the movement and spreading it on online through using hashtags is a new approach to make movements more influential. Also, it has created new culture especially for the young generations.