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  1. Feb 2017
    1. how any work that needed to be done day after day was meaningless, and that only creating new things was a worthwhile endeavor

      This is interesting.... not everything is meaningful? i never thought of this in that way. to me, the "meaningless" work is the work that matters more than the creating. because one couldn't happen without the other.

    1. slogan that comes with some urgency, coinciding with a narrative about the supposed sho

      Everyone should code. part of the rhetoric of code where it is shown to people in a very important and urgent thing that you need NOW!

    1. Computers provide a context for the development of concrete thinking.

      I just like this as a brief explanation of what computers do.

    2. blocked by prejudice and discrimination.

      women being erased from science. They might actually be a part of the process but just not heard of or spoken about. In My digital rhetoric class we spoke about how technology is considered to be female even though it has no gender. This is why siri has a girls voice.

    1. There has been a blank around the lives of older women, who report feeling invisible as they age — which is, as it turns out, less feeling than fact.

      Erasure of elderly women

    2. To engage with the lives of others, white audiences would have to encounter something far more frightening: their irrelevance. They would have to reckon with the fact that the work will not always speak to them, orient them, flatter them with tales of their munificence or infamy, or comfort them with stereotypes.

      In order to stop the erasure of the other, white people would have to take themselves out of the spotlight and realize not everything is for them. they would also have to encounter black suffering or something similar amongst themselves.

    3. (Of the seven black actresses to ever win an Academy Award, two played slaves, and one played a maid.)

      teaching what is wanted to be shown and not equal depictions of people. Erasure of equal identity in media film and society.

    4. #OscarsSoWhite,

      SOcial media protest agianst the erasure of minorities

    5. Only last year, the Texas Board of Education issued new textbooks for some five million public-school students that omitted mentions of Jim Crow and the Ku Klux Klan and made slavery a side issue in the Civil War.

      The erasure of black history in education. taking it out of text books.

    6. women — who are still left out of history.

      Women are not put in history. not then and still not today.

    7. ‘‘I’m erasing myself from the narrative/Let future historians wonder/How Eliza reacted when you broke her heart.’’ It’s an acknowledgment of the stories this play cannot fully restore, and of a group — women — who are still left out of history.

      The erasure of some marginalized group.... In this case women. changing the story and changing the erasure

    8. #StopErasingBlackPeople and released a statement saying the exhibition ‘‘paints H.I.V. as an issue faced predominantly by white gay men, when in fact the most at-risk group are currently black trans women.’’

      erasure of the involvement of black women in social issues and protest. Black women protest using hashtags

    9. #SayHerName movement draws attention to black women believed to be victims of police brutality, like Alexia Christian and Meagan Hockaday, whose deaths received a small fraction of the attention given to Eric Garner or Michael Brown.

      Black women using technology to advocate for their erasure.

    10. black female journalists and activists have been spotlighting how crimes against black women are met by silence and seeming unconcern

      The Erasure of black women in government, but specifically in crime.

  2. Jan 2017
    1. Nobel Prizes given to male colleagues and supervisors.

      giving the recognition to the male counterparts instead of recognizing the female who did the work.

    2. Whose stories are taught and told? Whose suffering is recognized? Whose dead are mourned?

      HIStory. What is being erased?

    3. inconvenient people are dismissed, their history, pain and achievements blotted out.

      Does the American educational system erase groups of people to ignore the history and pain from those people?

    4. invisible.

      ignoring a group. not seeing whats in front of you.

    5. until black women on social media began calling out the press for ignoring the story. Many reached for one word — ‘‘erasure’’ — for what they felt was happening. ‘‘Not covering the #Holtzclaw verdict is erasing black women’s lives from notice,’’ one woman tweeted. ‘‘ERASURE IS VIOLENCE.’’ Deborah Douglas, writing for Ebony magazine, argued that not reporting on the case ‘‘continues the erasure of black women from the national conversation on race, police brutality and the right to safety.’’

      black women are being erased from the discussion. Race in general plays a role on how much a topic is spoken about. This case was not even mentioned or discussed until black women started the talk.

    6. destroying every trace of them from the city,

      literally erasing everything that belongs to an individual person or group of people. making it seem as if they never existed.

    7. amnesia

      forgetfulness..... not knowing.....

    1. problem.

      The problem: the eraser of color and diversity amongst stock images.

    2. "The internet in and of itself is very male and very pale and very English.

      The first thing I thought of was the concept of HIStory. The idea that what we learn in american main stream culture comes from "The White Man" and that old white males are telling our history through the lenses of white/european/western society.

  3. Nov 2016
    1. Her mother mad an emphasis on how she would look "more girly" with long hair by showing her what it would look like if it was long. This kind of showed that her mom thinks she is different from other girls

    2. ————————

      There is definitely a lot of penis imagery on this page just with how they talk about the size of the snake and her saying it was huge with her arms out and then this highlighted part "its obviously a phallus"