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  1. Mar 2017
    1. You put the matter more flippantly, Mr. Holmes, than you would probably do if you were brought into personal contact with these things. Your advice, then, as I understand it, is that the young man will be as safe in Devonshire as in London. He comes in fifty minutes. What would you recommend?” “I recommend, sir, that you take a cab, call off your spaniel who is scratching at my front door, and proceed to Waterloo to meet Sir Henry Baskerville.” “And then?” “And then you will say nothing to him at all until I have made up my mind about the matter.” “How long will it take you to make up your mind?” “Twenty-four hours. At ten o’clock tomorrow, Dr. Mortimer, I will be much obliged to you if you will call upon me here, and it will be of help to me in my plans for the future if you will bring Sir Henry Baskerville with you.”

      reference here in the BBC series that is changed when homles makes up his mind/ informs them of his decision to take the case quicker. Sherlock

  2. Feb 2017
    1. wadi

      "a valley, ravine, or channel that is dry except in the rainy season."

    2. Every text, being itself the intertext of another text, belongs to the intertextual,

      there is a lot of meta here with text being intertext even if it can be passed off as text. Comparing work is never really just that work but a collection of texts that are connected.

  3. Nov 2016
    1. Though software designers influence what we see, what tasks we are meant to associate together, the windows metaphor invites us to imagine that we users have a certain kind of agency, that we have the opportunity to manage our own attention, that we can simply look out of this or that window, by choice, whenever we want to.

      I believe this is pointing at the text and visuals within and panel and comparing them to a window.

    2. With this innocuous panel, McGuire opens up a new continent of time

      Its amazing what can be conveyed through an image of a creature and a date to get such a heavy theme going.

    1. Here” blew apart the confines of graphic narrative and expanded its universe in one incendiary flash, introducing a new dimension to visual narrative that radically departed from the traditional up-down and left-right reading of comic strips.

      I find this interesting being the introduction of the place being the same and time being the changing factor as the thing that is different in the comic world.

  4. Oct 2016
    1. Formally, this violence takes the form of the logic of the comic panel, the ripping apart of images from one another in order to produce the visionary effect of motion and action.

      This makes an interesting way to move the eye of the reader through the page, by following these acts of violence.

    2. Part of the meaning, in fact, depends upon ignoring parts of the text all-together, or seeing them as part of something that is not immediately representable in the lines of the poem.

      makes me wonder that how do people know what to ignore and what to highlight if the reader is not given a theme to look for.

    3. When The text mentions that sometimes parts of meaning depend on what parts are to be ignored in paragraph 13 makes me wonder that how do people know what to ignore and what to highlight if the reader is not given a theme to look for.

    1. Moore and Gibbons present the aftermath of this event through six full-page pictures of bloody, dead bodies.

      This part definitely fit with the idea of visualizing the trauma for the audience to grasp it, by giving us recognizable people to see dead and the amount of time spent on that one scenes.

    2. This image, as it is repeated, becomes associated with Hiroshima and nuclear disaster.

      I found this a little disturbing but true. For an image it becomes a powerful one when there is nothing left of a person except the shadows on the wall.

  5. Sep 2016
    1. that little girl is a witch. There’s no place for her to function in this society. She’d have seen the devil if she hadn’t been brought up on The Bionic Woman’ and all those ‘Star Trek’ reruns. She is clued into the main vein. And she knows that it happened to her. I got out ten minutes before the heavy UFO boys showed up with the polygraph.”

      The use of the cyborg and more space references against the more fantasy makes for an interesting choice of representing ideals and thoughts of people about other generations and beliefs

    2. Architectural photography can involve a lot of waiting; the building becomes a kind of sundial, while you wait for a shadow to crawl away from a detail you want, or for the mass and balance of the structure to reveal itself in a certain way.

      Waiting for shadows and light to move around makes a very in the present sort of feeling and sets up for great images and details that are done in action of description.

  6. Aug 2016
    1. turns over a new leaf.

      So he finally actually turns over a new leaf, because the three others were just trial runs

    2. beloved one

      I imagine she is quite sick of this being dragged around by now.

    3. emaciated dog.

      This man should not be allowed to have animals.

    4. cuts off his beard

      Because that is one way to get revenge I guess.

    5. Mr. 0ldbuck amuses himself by drowning the porter

      The heck is up with that, is it the I can't kill myself correctly so others must die in my stead kind of thing?

    6. Mr. Oldbuck

      I had the some thought of why does he suddenly have an eye patch here, other than trying to maybe appeal more to the lover he tries to take yet again.

    7. There is a lot of hey look there's a thing and Mr. Oldbuck has to follow and do the same of the thing he has discovered. Cause why not when it comes to the woes of people chasing after each other

  7. Mar 2016
    1. The problem is that that much information probably exceeds our ability to create reliable guides to it

      as it points out we really do have way too much information for one person to contain, and the differences in interpretation of that information make the various opinions of people and the way they think.