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  4. www.semantic-web-journal.net www.semantic-web-journal.net
    1. across different language editions of Wikipedia

      another test for andreas

    2. external

      testing for andreas

  5. May 2017
    1. commons should accommodate for that

      identifiable means to be able to trace it back to a source, not to disclose the source.

    2. reward systems

      it contradicts R1 "the rewards..." the commons has a reward mechanism built upon quantifiable objects with a clear attribution so that value can be reverted back to the creator. the reward is access and opportunity and quantifiable attribution

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    1. A successful classroom filled with learners is also a classroom that thrives off of my engaged and self-differentiating style of teaching.  I believe that students learn best when they have bought into the material themselves, and see the worth and value in their learning.  This can happen by creating units that are interactive, kinesthetic, and engaging that ultimately allow students a deeper and more interesting connection to the material that then becomes an honest connection between the student and the material being engaged with rather than a forced relationship that breeds resentment between student and material.  Curriculum with engaged learners can self-differentiate as well, allowing students of high and low levels to reach their maximum potential learning goals all while allowing students to still participate in class activities, thus maintaining the essential value of a classroom community that thrives off of the knowledge of the whole.  
  8. Oct 2016
    1. I believe that a successful student flourishes in a specific environment that I strive to create every time I step into a classroom.  A classroom that is home to motivated and learning students is one where the students are engaged in a learning partnership with other students, and the class as a whole has taken on its own identity as a safe classroom where the diverse knowledge of the students work to the class benefit by vastly expanding the knowledge base of the learning co


    2. excited to be here at the best high school in the state.   Please feel free to peruse through the


    3. onestly love teaching, and am grateful and excited to be here at the best high school in the state.   P


    4. Let's see... the essentials about me: my name is Russell Fox. I have the amazing fortune of being a Colorado native, and being such I am Colorado through and through. I was born in Denver and shortly after my family moved to the house they still live in outside of Niwot. I have also had the fortune of being a St.Vrain Valley School District "Lifer" meaning I spent my entire K-12 education in St. Vrain. I attended Niwot High where I ran track, cross c


    1. across the business, including social media postings Bespoke, per store email marketing campaigns for


    2. Two way integration with CRM, eCommerce, loyalty and other data sources for single customer view


  9. Apr 2016
    1. Centrifuge pellet at 14,000 rpm for 5 min at 4 °C

      another issue with this pdf

    2. Ultracentrifuge tubes

      I loose the view of the annotations in pdf. not good. but understandable

    3. DTT (Sigma-Aldrich, catalog number:43815)

      if I come back to this same url, will I be able to see my annotations? will the general public looking at this url with another hipo account be able to see the annotations?

    4. Cells (Neuroblastoma cell line SKN-SH)

      this is a test from my hipo account with a difficult pdf

    1. Palm Beach County

      this is another annotation in a pdf. I am sharing this one with fed. and this one has a code 0001 he will look at the shared annotation and let me know if he can see it.

    2. witnesses an enormous seasonal

      este es un test com mi hipo account