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  1. Oct 2016
    1. In our post-gender world, masculine and feminine definitions are being switched and obscured.

      This is a topic sentence that summarizes all the aforementioned aspects of a changing world in relationship to gender and sex. Masculine and feminine definitions are being switched because women now do men "norms" and men now do women "norms", resulting in a lack of norms altogether.

    2. ancillary

      google definition of ancillary: "providing necessary support to the primary activities or operation of an organization, institution, industry, or system"

    3. sexual politics

      like to discuss: what does "sexual" politics mean? Is it politics relating to the sex of a person or can politics somehow become sexualized?

  2. Sep 2016
    1. The building of homes is also connected to the ability to self-identify, to represent the inner self through the personal and practical art of domestic architecture.

      This topic sentence looks back at the previous paragraph which discusses the demolition of homeless people's homes. The previous paragraph discusses how tearing the homes down, takes away the identity of the homeless person. This topic sentence then describes how the identity is related to the home, the reason being that, the way one builds a home speaks to a person's identity and what they like. She uses the word "also" to connect her two statements from different paragraphs.

    2. irst of all, men n

      intro element

    3. irst of all, men need a private room; they need a sink, they need a sanctuary—not in an open place where they’re ushered around by security guards.”


    4. The homeless are faced with a reality others avoid recognizing by divorcing themselves from urban space and by providing themselves with a false impression of control by obtaining material signs of wealth and security.

      Discuss this further in class

    5. eing pushed out of the tunnels is yet another step in controlling and prohibiting the use of public place that is not uncommon in urban areas.

      relates to Schindlers example that the behavior of the homelessness was controlled by way of a park bench with 3 seats and arm rests

    6. . Similar to how underground families and community responsibilities demonstrate a functioning way of life, the graffiti represents the presence of Humanities, which further demonstrates a completesociety.

      Discuss more: it is interesting how above ground, graffiti is seen as an eyesore that people are eager to get rid of, but below ground, it is enjoyed as something that reminds the ones living underground of the people in the outside world

    7. Like I say, I built everything up around the tunnel. Now I have to learn to build it around myself.”8 It is critical to appreciate that Morton introduces life in the tunnel not solely as a political portrait of poverty, but as a psychological space for its inhabitants

      I'd like to discuss this further, especially the political portrait of poverty part

    8. t liberates him, yet his freedom is complicated by extreme isolation and poverty, which reveals that although a connection with the environment is conducive to human agency, it is not the systemic change that is necessary for the well-being of the working-class.

      This relates to David Fleming's claim that place, or environment is not everything because this writer says it is not "necessary for the well- being of the working class." It is good to have a place in the environment but its not essential.

      This statement is also very interesting because a tunnel is so confined and isolated, yet this man feels more liberated underground than he did when he was above ground in an open area.

    9. The term “spectacle” is used to comment on society’s reliance on consumption through image promotion; therefore, in a society of the spectacle, individuals understand themselves by means of mass media.

      google definition: an event or scene regarded in terms of its visual impact.


    10. The fragility of home and identity is universal, but with the homeless population, the vulnerability is far more apparent.

      This is an interesting claim because she says that all homes are fragile and unstable, which speaks to both the condition of the outside of the home and the inside of the home. The home life, with its relationships can be just as complicated as the life of a person without a home. The only difference is that the fragility of a homeless person can be seen, thus making them more vulnerable

    1. an insurance claims office, regional anemia rates, a marriage, or a city's light rail program.
    2. Instead of appropriating ingenious formula-tions, Benjamin aims to "merely show."

      DC, IC

    3. As a method, write

      intro element

    4. The subject is implicated within the process, and that relational position is also revealed in the act of investigation.

      The two independent clauses are connected by the FANBOY "and". It also has the subject...verb pattern with the subject being "subject" and the verb being "implicated".

    5. Education will continue to be what Lynn Worsham calls an edu-cation of sentiment

      This is an interesting claim because the definition to sentiment is, "a view of or attitude toward a situation or event; an opinion." How can education be an opinion? Is it because one state may teach something differently from the other state? For example, the south teaches the civil war differently than the north teaches it.

    1. For example, Elise C. Boddie argues that places have racial identities based on their history of or reputation for exclusion, and that courts should consider this racial meaning for purposes of racial discrimination claims.64

      I agree with this claim that today's areas are affected by its history. For example, during the industrialization period in Pennsylvania, transit rails were built to to bring low income workers who lived in the city, out to the suburbs to work for the wealthy in the shops that surround the main town and were closest to the rail line. However, the rail lines were not located near the luxurious, suburban houses or country clubs because the Caucasian supremacists wanted to keep as many black inner city folks away from their living spaces as possible. The country clubs were also very far from the rail line because most people who didn't live in the suburbs, did not have a car and could not easily access them. Country clubs were filled with all white people, and that is still the case; today, only a small percentage of blacks or non- Caucasians can say that they own a country club membership or that they live in a house in the rich suburbs called the Main Line.

    2. term; it is

      IC; IC. The independent clauses are connected by an semicolon in order to show the relationship between the word regulation and its definition.