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  1. Sep 2016
    1. As a method, write

      intro element

    2. part, Welch

      Intro Element

    3. example, in

      Intro Element

    4. In fact, it

      Intro, IC

    5. Instead, I

      This is an intro, IC

    6. To better understand how judgment plays a role in the work of inquiry, consider how Quintilian discusses the various kinds of questions (indef-inite and definite) that rhetoricians take up (Institutes 3-5).

      Intro element, IC.

    7. "In chapter 1,..."

      Intro. element, I.C.

    8. However,

      Into element and transition

    9. In my case

      Into element and transition

    10. s,

      Introductory phrase. IC

    11. ,

      Introductory phrase, IC

    12. In this case,

      Intro element

    13. Of course, none of us wanted

      Intro element, IC.