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  1. Sep 2018
    1. iris is thc myth of happincss as innocence, and in ther llrristian traclition we know it as Man beforc the Fall' Inno-, , n('t: ends either by a succcssful attempt to steal the knorvl-, ' irr,r' of God or by aspiring to thc cognitive power of the gods'l,,tlt,ris

      Drawing parallels between Greek mythology and Christianity is interesting to me because I always like learning about the similarities in religions and how they all seem to bounce off of one another and makes me wonder what they all originated from in the very beginning. Some of the common themes are much too similar to not have been drawn from an originator.

    1. We are not only innocent, but alsoguilty; not only strong but weak; not only mutually entwined butirrevocably sundered; we are not only minds, but bodies; not onlywholes but fragrnents; not only energy but form.

      This shows the duality of ones personality and I like how she talks about this, as often in some myths/stories we are shown only one side of a characters personality and they're made out to be only one way. I like how this brings about the fluidity of personality and ones "self" #Insightful

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      At mention of how many of these fairy tales arose from being passed down orally, it makes me wonder how many fairy tales that have been forgotten because they were never wrote down and forgot about; and also what the original stories were for some of them such as Red Riding Hood.

    1. Hood

      I thought it was interesting how it's brought up the differences in tales; between the originals and the way its told now. It goes to show the differences in cultures, as well as how society has gone from warning it's children to coddling them.

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      I disagree with this, as some sorts of playing have rules set down without them needing to be spoken on.

    2. I think this is a valid point, as in relationships (not even romantic) we see people "play games" with each other, in different sorts of ways. Just because it's termed a "game" doesn't make it any less serious.