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  1. Sep 2023
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    1. Students will be punished by picking up paperor trash and keeping them out of class.

      I don't understand this

    2. igh grade point average shall not be considered as apre-requisite to eligibility.

      I think some clubs and organizations should have GPA requirements like National Honor Society or to an extent even sports

    3. Library facilities will be expanded in all East LosAngeles high schools. At present the libraries in thesehigh schools do not meet the educational needs of thestudents. Sufficient library materials will be provided inSpanish.https:/Avww.kcet.org/departures-columns/east-la-blow outs-walking-out-for-justice-in-the-classrooms 11/14

      Where did the funding for all these changes come from, it was originally said three weren't fund for anything and now so much is implemented at once.

    4. At least two Senior High Schools and atleast one Junior High School must be built. MarengoStreet School must be reactivated to reduce thestudent-teacher load at Murchison Street School.

      Schools will no longer be overcrowded and students will get more attention.

    5. Up-to-date equipment and newoperational techniques must replace the obsolescentmachines and outmoded training methods currentlybeing employed in this program.

      Students are getting a more modern day education that will set them up better for the real world. It makes me happy to hear there story and see how far they have come.

    6. Textbooks and curriculum will be developed to showMexican and Mexican-American

      Textbooks that show real history of the Mexican American

    7. Community parents will be engaged as teacher'saides. Orientation

      The community is getting involved

    8. Any teacher having a particularlyhigh percentage of the total school dropouts in hisclasses shall be rated by the Citizens

      responsibility for failure is placed on poor teaching rather than the race of the student

    9. Mexican-Americanstudents. This program will be open to all otherstudents on a voluntary basis.

      The new educational system caters towards the people of color now

    10. o student or teacher will be reprimanded orsuspended for participating in any efforts which areexecuted for the purpose of improving or furtheringthe educational quality in our schools.

      The bettering of the school is now extremely prioritized

    11. militant

      combative and aggressive in support of a political or social cause, and typically favoring extreme, violent, or confrontational methods.

    12. "disturbing the peace," thefocus shifted dramatically to legal defenseof those being prosecuted rather thanfighting for equal education.

      equal education AND equality in the justice system

    13. nfortunately these demands fell to thewayside along with the public's attention

      Momentum with the movement died quickly

    14. They demanded bilingualeducation, Mexican folklore in textbooks,and the recruitment of administrators ofMexican descent in schools with amajority Mexican American student body.

      This is very similar to Dubois saying people of color should have separate schools with teachers who are people of color in order to get a good education

    15. articulated their needs andinjustices through the EICC in a list of 39demands presented to the Los AngelesBoard of Education.

      They made an organized plan and presented it to fight to change

    16. formedthe core of the Educational IssuesCoordinating Committee (EICC), whichserved as a voicebox for the fight forequal student rights in the aftermath ofthe walkouts

      A committee was now formed to advocate for the students

    17. zeitgeist

      the defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time

    18. y administrators barring doors to theoutside, and helmeted police officerseither jailed or escorted students to theirprincipals. Two student beatings werereported during the March 6 walkout atRoosevelt

      How did the protest escalate to this?

    19. iconography

      the visual images and symbols used in a work of art or the study or interpretation of these.

    20. civilrights leaders across the nationdemanded change and equalopportunities for people of color.

      These struggles are similar to those of other minorities in education (Women and African Americans)

    21. Mexican Americanstudents continued to trail behind in theclassro

      They began to try to make changes but it did not really work

    22. Prejudice from teachers andadministrators, both liberally-minded andoutright bigoted, instigated stereotypes ofMexican Americans that discouraged thestudents from higher learning.

      Race played a large part in the lack of educational achievement

    23. 60%high school dropout rate. If they didgraduate, they averaged an 8th-gradereading level.

      Education Crisis