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  1. Apr 2020
    1. People like us spend our lives in the world of ideas and wonderfully so. They are thecurrency of academic life. But not all ideas are created equal and the ones I will talkabout today have two peculiar characteristics

      This also reminds me!

    2. of teachers and learners alike.


    3. Clinging to dead ideas about teaching and learning limits our practice as professors. The resultingtyranny means we fail to educate our students as effectively as we might. This address challengesfaculty to reconsider their understanding and habits in three areas: the preparedness of students,the impact of grading poli


  2. Feb 2015
    1. Hispanic culture

      Mention of culture!

    2. As art is a very applicable manner of expressing oneself, the work by Alejandro Diaz and ADAL that I explored was very personal, poignant, and had extreme societal-implications.

      Some notes.