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  1. Nov 2020
    1. ndeed, many students report that they could never write a paper without Google or the Internet and cannot imagine the not-so-distant past when we did just that: working with paper-based information sources through the intermediary of campus research librarians.

      I think many people now, myself included, rely more on the internet for research instead of visiting somewhere with physical information.

    1. For example, the porn industry has a tremendous amount of capital—and it uses that capital to influence search. One big porn company that owns thousands of websites will have those sites link to each other extensively, in order to bolster those sites’ rankings and dominate a number of keywords.

      I think this is interesting because most people are worried about children having access to pornographic material and adult videos, but then the porn industry has this much influence on innocent and ordinary internet searches.

  2. Oct 2020
    1. When educators teach - and practice - these skills, we’re helping to build more inclusive, equitable and just democracies.

      Depending on how the information is taught, yes! It's important to teach and learn from an unbiased point of view, so it's equally important that all sides of the story are shared. For a long time, history has been extremely white washed, and this doesn't allow for anyone else's side of the story to be told. Inclusive language is very important.

    2. can provoke strong emotions, trigger old wounds, and spark controversy

      I would argue that racism is not an 'old would'. Of course it sparks controversy, but that's because many people in this country are extremely racist, some without even realizing what they're saying. Racism has been a prevalent issue for centuries, and considering there hasn't been much to 'solve' it, I think it's more than just an old wound. Basic human rights should not be classified as an old wound.

  3. Sep 2020
    1. Second, an activity may threaten a student who has not disclosed something relevant to you. Before you ask students to share a story of their name, for example, remember that some students will have changed their name for reasons of personal safety, family breakdown, or gender identity. 

      It's important to recognize that not everyone has come from the same backgrounds or situations. Whether it's a name or sharing a personal story, or even turning on the camera, some students use school as an escape from their home lives, and I think it's important not to pressure students into feeling like their grade is at risk because of their home situations.

    2. The risk is that the feeling of having overshared will make students feel less confident in the community that you are trying to build.

      This is definitely true. Many people often think of themselves as annoying because they're feeling like they have talked too much or overshared. When meeting someone new or talking in a new setting, it's hard to understand where the lines are of what is oversharing and what is just sharing.

    3. It will help if you offer (and repeat) a simple form of words that makes it safe for anyone to sit out any activity, for any reason that doesn’t need to be discussed. Make clear that you will honor this calmly, and all other participants will do the same.“I’m choosing to step back from this one.”“I’ll skip my turn, thanks.”

      I think it's important to understand that not everyone is emotionally available to participate in every activity, especially now that we're all on Zoom for the majority of the day. For some people, just logging on and listening is enough for them.