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  1. Dec 2022
    1. Speak, strike, redress

      connotative diction

    2. Get you to bed again, it is not day.

      Logos- telling him to go to bed because its late

    3. I know no personal cause to spurn

      S- Brutus O- caesar is about be crowned king A- himself P- To share that ceasar must die S- Caesar will be crowned king and that can not happen tone- annoyed

    1. Age, thou art shamed!

      pathos -showing displeasure with an indivisual

    2. ishonorable

      putting him to shame- pathos

    3. s a sick girl.

      Pathos- talks about a sick girl-pity

    4. And swim to yonder point?'


    5. I know

      personal pronouns

    1. n triump

      S- marullus O- Theyre celebrating caesar A- the commeners P- to shamme them P- theyre fake and need to go ack and reflect T- frustrated, fuming, offened, outraged Cameron and kiera