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    1. GWAS genetic association

      A genome-wide association study (abbreviated GWAS) is a research approach used to identify genomic variants that are statistically associated with a risk for a disease or a particular trait. The method involves surveying the genomes of many people, looking for genomic variants that occur more frequently in those with a specific disease or trait compared to those without the disease or trait. Once such genomic variants are identified, they are typically used to search for nearby variants that contribute directly to the disease or trait.

      source: https://www.genome.gov/genetics-glossary/Genome-Wide-Association-Studies

      this is more like a medical definition... what about plants?

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    1. The concrete nouns include people, plants, animals, materials and objects while the abstract nouns refer to concepts such as qualities, actions, and processes.
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    1. the tile floor of an emergency room

      Determiner + Classifer + Thing + Qualifier

    2. perilously low oxygen levels

      Epithet + Classifier 1 + Classifier 2 + Thing

    3. the mysterious pneumonia-like illness sweeping China’s central city of Wuhan

      Determiner + Epithet + Classifier + Thing + Qualifier (downranking participle clause)

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