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  1. Feb 2021
    1. Der Mann ist Sucharit Bhakdi, Professor im Ruhestand. Etwas, worauf sein ehemaliger Arbeitgeber, die Johannes Gutenberg-Universität in Mainz sehr viel Wert legt (Quelle).

      Uni hat sich von Bhakdi distanziert

  2. Jan 2021
    1. Yet another concept of hacking comes from a totally different source. Dave Asprey, a computer security guy, considers himself a biohacker. Basically he hacks into his own body. Here’s what he says: “There are two perspectives on biohacking. One is that biohacking is something you do to biology, outside of yourself; you’re going to change a cell; you’re going change an amoeba and make it glow in the dark. The other perspective on biohacking, the one where I spend my time, is that you can hack your own biology, and you can gain control of systems in your body that you would never have access to.” Asprey — who has received attention online and at conferences — says he has used biohacking and new technical measurement tools and a low-toxic coffee he produces (Bulletproof) to alter his cognition, his weight and his general health. He takes supplements, applies electricity to his brain and his muscles, to improve his body and his mind.

      Quote Dave Asprey

    2. Ron Shigeta runs Berkeley Biolabs, a biohacking site in Berkeley, California, where dozens of would-be biologists gather frequently to hack around. He says biohacking is “a freedom to explore biology, kind of like you would explore good fiction.” As for the hacking part, “hacking is kind of like the freedom to sort of dig deep into something, just because you’re interested in it. … The whole idea of biohacking is that people feel entitled, they feel the ability to just follow their curiosity — where it should go — and really get to the bottom of something they want to understand.” “The whole idea of biohacking is that people feel entitled, they feel the ability to just follow their curiosity — where it should go — and really get to the bottom of something they want to understand.”But hacking also has a negative connotation; when someone hacks your computer, you want to send him or her to jail. But that’s not exactly what biohacking is. Drew Endy, a professor of bioengineering at Stanford, who considers himself a biohacker, says “I come from a tradition where hacking is a positive term, and it means learning about stuff by building, and trying to make things and seeing what happens.”

      Quote Ron Shigeta (Berkeley Biolabs)

    3. And Eri Gentry, who founded the Silicon Valley biohacking venue BioCurious, explains further: “The word hacker comes from MIT where hacks would be cool little tricks that you would play on each other, so when you’re done with your homework, you’re staying up all night, and you’ve got to have something to do, so they might coat the ceiling or the roof of a building in tin foil. So this was a hack, and hackers came to be known in the 60s and 70s as the guys who were making the first computers.”

      Quote Eri Gentry (BioCurious)

    4. Biohacking is a fairly new practice that could lead to major changes in our life. You could it call citizen or do-it-your-self biology.
    1. das Coronavirus nicht verharmlosen, trotzdem aber für eine sachliche Auseinandersetzung andere Fachstimmen zu Wort kommen lassen.

      "diese Webseite möchte nicht verharmlosen" rechtliche und moralische Absicherung; die Menschen hinter der Website verharmlosen natürlich nicht, sie "glauben" ganz einfach einfach nicht daran

    2. der Wahrheit zu den Corona-Maßnahmen unserer Politik

      "Die Wahrheit"(tm)

    3. weil sie das Gefühl haben, dass etwas nicht stimmt in unserem Land


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    2. Examples of exobrains 'Everything I know' wiki by Nikita Voloboev xxiivv by Devine Lu Linvega h0p3's Wiki Braindump by Jethro Kuan 'One Hundred Ideas for Computing' repository by Sam Squire more wiki examples from Nikita Voloboev
    3. Human brains seem to be best for generating new ideas. I want to learn more, think faster, distract less, interact and visualize, effortlessly remember everything; not memorize and do routine information processing, which computers seem better at.
    4. Extended mind is the idea that your mind isn't limited by your physical body, but augmented by external means. Paper notes & diaries, data in your computer/phone/cloud – all these things contribute to your cognitive process, thinking and help you navigate the landscape of ideas.
    1. I blame western governments here. These supposed leaders of the free world spread only confusion, denial, and stupidity. They told everyone not to trust China, and then took no meaningful action themselves. The EU, UK, and US completely shat the bed, and are still rolling in it. Most of the world was actually infected through them.

      Der Großteil der Welt wurde von/durch EU, Uk und USA angesteckt.

    2. . We put the whole weight of this terrible situation on those irresponsible people, misunderstanding where true responsibility lies, and when.

      Corona & Verantwortung des Einzelnen vs. Regierungsverantwortung

    1. Die IVOA sieht in dem Fragebogen „die Instrumentalisierung der Offenen Kinder-und Jugendarbeit“ und betont mit Blick auf die Arbeitsgruppe von Polizei, Verfassungsschutz und Sozialbehörde: „Soziale Arbeit kann nie Teil der Ermittlungsbehörden sein und der Exekutive zuarbeiten.“

      IVOA - Interessenvertretung Offene Arbeit Hamburg

    1. Auch das Jugendamt in Landsberg hat gegen Kron ermittelt. Hintergrund war ein Video, das den Kauferinger Arzt mit seinem siebenjährigen Sohn auf den Schultern Ende August während einer Corona-Demo in Berlin zeigt.

      Sturm auf Berlin - #b2908 Video aus dem Livestream von RT

    1. Typically we think that the mind—including our thoughts, beliefs, memories, experiences, attitudes, etc.—is internal to our bodies. A number of philosophers challenge this commonsense view. The view of the mind that these philosophers propose is knows as an extended view, where the mind actually extends out into the world—being comprised not merely of neurons and synapses, but also of objects external to the body.

      Mind-Body-Extensions / Erweiterungen des Körpers und des Geistes

  3. Sep 2020
    1. Theycaninspirethebestofsocietybydemocratisingaccesstoknowledge,poweringbusiness,andprovidingnewopportunitiesforartandcreativity.

      they can - but , empirically, do they? Esp. regarding GAFAM